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Advantage Controls Speciality Sensors Handheld PTSA, pH, ORP, Cond, Temp, and total chlorine

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The Pyxis handheld tester is capable of measuring up to six key water treatment parameters simultaneously, offering pH, Conductivity, PTSA, Temperature, ORP and a Free/Total Chlorine Colorimeter that’s uniquely designed as a multimeter for cooling and boiler water applications. The Pyxis handheld unit is fully waterproof and available with an optional carrying case. The unit has integrated a fully molded screen to ensure a waterproof seal under a pressurized manufacturing environment. The device itself also contains an integrated humidity sensor to ensure a water-free electronic environment.


  • Waterproof, BluetoothEnabled pH/ORP Module 
  • Long Battery Life 
  • Humidity-detection Capability 
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness 
  • Wireless Diagnosis & Calibration of Pyxis Probes



Display: Color LCD, visible under direct sunlight 

Conductivity: 1-15,000 uS/cm with ATC. ±1% or ±1 uS/cm precision 

pH: 0-14 with ATC, ±0.01 pH unit precision 

ORP: ±1,500 mV, ±1 mV precision 

F/T C12: Free & Total Chlorine 0-2.2


Storage temp: -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)

Operational temp: 32° to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)

Power Supply: (4) AA alkaline batteries

Typical Battery Life: 10,000 readings

Weight: Approximately 0.85 lbs. (380g)

Dimensions: W 3.1" (80cm) x H 7.1" (180cm) x D 1.5" (38.5cm)

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