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Dishwasher machines are an integral part of several food retail and food service businesses. Today, there are several dish washing machines available in the market, which help ensure cleaning efficiency, thereby allowing business owners to focus on guests, rather than dishes. Knight dish machines are one of the popular types of these machines, which help ensure professional dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection. Available in KLE-175 GT, KLE-175 GTM, KLE-235 D, KHT-14B, KLE-112 H/L, KLE-150 GT models, Knight dish machines are the most technologically advanced in the market. They reduce energy and water costs, labor and chemical costs, while allowing effortless loading of dishes for optimum cleaning. At Cannon Water Technology, Inc., we offer all models of Knight dish machines that are incredibly easy-to-use, powerful, and durable. These machines are well-known for their high standards of performance and versatility.

Types of Knight Dish Machines Offered by Cannon Water Technology

Our range of Knight dish washers are designed to blend seamlessly into the foodservice and food retail operations. With their professional ware washing systems, washer-disinfectors, and food waste disposal technology, they assure safe cleaning of your delicate dishware or sturdy cookware. The following are the Knight dish machines models offered by us:

  • KLE-175 GT: This model is designed to clean up to 46 racks per hour, and is equipped with convenient drain/fill switch, open impeller with pause cycle, internal pump screen and much more. KLE-175 GT upright dishwashers are widely chosen for applications in confined areas including bars, delis, and fast food outlets.
  • KLE-175 GTM: These low energy dish machines are designed for medium to high volume ware washing applications. They deliver consistent, high pressure cleaning power with the right detergent feed to attain sparkling clean results with every wash load.
  • KLE-235 D: These robust, quality dish machines are designed to clean up to 74 racks per hour. With straight-through, double-rack, fill and dump operation, the model guarantees higher returns on your investment.
  • KHT-14B: These high-temperature dish machines are equipped with built-in 14 KW booster can boost temperature 100 Fahrenheit, upper and lower rotating wash and rinse, and many more attractive features.
  • KLE-112 H/L: Built with durable stainless steel, these dish washing machines are designed with three adjacent sides that assure easy loading or unloading. The model can handle up to 53 racks per hour.
  • KLE-150 GT: These compact dish machines have external scrap trap, electronic dispenser power terminal, and built-in chemical metering pumps. This undercounter, single rack dish machine with manual start is designed to provide years of excellent service even in strenuous conditions.

Features in Common

All the aforementioned models of Knight dish machines are low-cost and energy-efficient. Knight sets the standard for warewash technology and that’s why the customers from various industries trust the Knight Equipment brand. Following are a few features that all models of Knight dishwashers share in common.

  • KLE-175 GT, KLE-175 GTM, KLE-235 D, KHT-14B, KLE-112 H/L, KLE-150 GT machines are engineered and manufactured with the finest quality parts and materials.
  • They assure better results by consuming 40% less water than the conventional models.
  • Knight dish machines are designed to adjust the temperature, amount of water, and washing cycle.
  • All models of Knight dish machines have an elegant appearance.
  • They assure years of service with minimal maintenance.

Applications of Knight Dish Machines

Through a range of chemical, thermal and mechanical processes, Knight dish washing machines clean and sanitize large volumes of dishware in a short amount of time. These high quality and competitively priced dish washing equipment are suited for professional dish washing, and cleaning. Unlike before, the customers from the following sectors prefer these dishwashers over others:

  • Hotel/Restaurants/Café
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Bars
  • Nursing homes
  • Churches
  • Educational Institutes
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