OMNI Motor Driven Pumps from Pulsafeeder (Discontinued)

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Weight: 20.00 LBS
MSRP: $1,200.00
(You save: $650.00 )
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Discontinued: Replaced by Blackline from Pulsafeeder



OMNI Series Chemical Metering Pump from Pulsafeeder

The Pulsafeeder OMNI series is designed to be an economical, compact, rugged, simple, and reliable diaphragm metering pump. It features an industrial design to work in just about any application.

OMNI series pumps are a reliable alternative for the customer looking for a simple and compact diaphragm metering pump. These reliable metering pumps are designed to perform in the widest range of chemical dosing applications.

OMNI Metering Pumps and Controls are the economical standard for a reliable chemical feed pump with virtually no maintenance. The OMNI offers the following user friendly benefits:

  • Metering Accuracy To +/- 2% of flow
  • Turndown Capacity Adjustable up to 1000:1 with MPC controls on selected models
  • Oil Free Greased for life no oil to buy or change
  • Compact and Lightweight Saves space and easy handling
  • Controller Ready Add an MPC when automatic pump control is required
  • Simple Design Easy to install and operate
  • Highly Efficient Quiet and cool, standard fan cooledmotor design
  • Liquid End Materials PVDF, PP, & 316 SS

Output Charts:

OMNI High Capacity Motor Driven Metering Pumps, Up to 951 GPH

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