Pump Accessories

Chemical pumps are typical industrial pumps that are widely used in chemical industries for pumping different types of chemicals. Unlike other industrial pumps, these pumps are made of a material that can withstand challenging environments in these chemical industries. To function properly, they must be fitted with the right parts and accessories. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide chemical pump parts and accessories from high-end brands like Stenner, Myron L, Amex, etc. We assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Pump Parts and Accessories Offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc

The chemical pump parts and accessories offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc are listed below.

  • Calibration Columns: The calibration columns or calibration cylinders are the measuring vessels used during pump calibration. These calibration columns are commonly used for checking fluid flow rate. At Cannon Water Technology, Inc, we offer calibration columns from the brand Koflo. All these calibration columns feature rugged construction with industrial-grade PVC fittings and sharp blue marked scales. The Mylar lamination over the marked scale ensures the durability of the marking scale. The measuring capacity of our calibration columns ranges between 100ml to 2000ml.
  • Chemical Resistant Tubing: We offer chemical resistant tubing from the brand Parker polyethylene (PE) for chemical pumping operations. This chemical resistant tubing is made from 100% virgin high molecular weight resin. It can be paired up with the general-purpose equipment for the food and chemical industries. It is approved by FDA and NFS and can be utilized for NFS-51 and NFS-61 applications. Being ASTM D-1693 compliant, this offers excellent stress crack resistance. It can be used in an operating temperature range of -80°F to +150°F.
  • Injection Quills: We offer a wide range of retractable and non-retractable injection quills from high-end brands like Beta Technology, Stenner, Advantage Controls, Neptune, and many more. Different injection quills feature different barrel capacity and injection pressure, jet-length, etc. However, most of the injection quills offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc feature back check valve fitting assemblies, UV resistance, and metered injection operations.
  • Corporation Stops: Corporation stops or corporation cocks are the devices paired with injection quills of metering chemical pumps. To transfer the chemicals injected by the chemical pumps to the tanks, cooling towers, water processing systems, etc, these corporation stops are useful. We offer corporation stops from the brand Neptune. This corporation stops help inefficient dispersion of chemicals without diffusing into the drain. These corporation stops can sustain a maximum temperature of 125 PSI and a temperature of 100°F which is why these are suitable for mounting on hot-taps. Since these devices feature lead-free bronze construction, they are not hazardous to utilize at high-temperature and concentrated chemicals.
  • Pressure Relief Valves: Pressure control is highly-essential in the pumping systems that is why we offer a diaphragm type pressure relief valve with 2 port line-off release mechanism. These valves can be paired with the positive displacement pumps. They can be utilized as anti-syphon valves to control back pressure and fluid swirl.  
  • Pulsation Dampeners: The pumping systems are subjected to mechanical vibrations, external shocks, etc along with the injection cycle pulsation. Excess vibration can damage sensors, injection quills, and other delicate parts of a pumping system. To prevent excessive pulsation, pulsation dampeners are utilized. The pulsation dampeners are pre-charged accumulators that absorb the vibrations from water hammering, pressure fluctuations, pipe vibrations, etc. We offer high-quality pulsation dampeners that can be used in cold and hot weather. The temperature sustainability of these devices ranges from -60°F to +280°F with a dampener capacity of 36 to 85 inch3.

At Cannon Water Technology, we are committed to delivering quality products. This commitment has enabled us to partner with some of the trusted brands in the industry. To know more about our collection of chemical metering pump parts and accessories, please feel free to contact us at csd@cannonwater.com or call us at 916-315-2691.