LMI pumps have been an industry standard in chemical metering pumps and chemical injection systems for decades. The LMI pump brand has evolved over many years incorporating diaphragm style metering pumps that use electromagnetic diaphragm pumps, motor driven metering pumps, hydraulically operated chemical pumps and now microprocessor controlled metering pumps. Some brands include the Roytronic series pumps and have had many other models to include the LMI A Series Pump, LMI AA Series Pump, LMI AD Series Pump, LMI B Series Pump, LMI C Series Pump, LMI P Series Pump, LMI G Series Motor Driven Pumps and now the new LMI PD Series Chemical Pump

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LMI pump are easily repaired using the LMI RPM Kits. Cannon Water Technology stocks a wide selection of LMI parts and can assist in LMI pump repair. 

Cannon Water Technology has LMI pump technicians on site to assist in chemical pump selection and dosing pump sizing.

We have expertise in most chemical pump applications and can help you with product selection. Many of the LMI pumps used today are found on cooling tower chemical treatment, boiler chemical treatment, agriculture, chlorine injection, high viscosity chemical pumping, and many other chemical metering pump applications. 

Please contact us today to learn more about the LMI Roytronic Chemical Metering Pumps.