Chemical Bypass Feeder

Water treatment is an essential aspect in most industrial processes. This is because water as a byproduct may be contaminated as it flows through closed pipes and tubing systems. Hence, it needs to be treated, especially before it recirculated or released into the environment. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer varieties of bypass feeders for feeding chemical doses through pipes in industrial processes. These chemicals help clean the contaminated water, and hence are used in cooling towers and similar applications.

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Working Principle of Chemical Feeders

Chemical feeders are widely used in several water treatment and recirculation processes across industries. Also called as pot feeder, it feeds a preset amount of chemical for water treatment into the system. Most of these are vertical units and may or may not have a filter attached. These feeders dose chemicals into secondary loops which are placed parallel to the main water boiling or cooling circulation line, depending on the application. These feeders work on pressure and the chemical is circulated with the help of gravity. There are no pumps used to transfer the chemicals. So, this is a very economical and relatively easy way of dosing chemicals into the system for water treatment. The frequency and quantity of dosage is decided based on the application and the type of water. The first dose helps kill bacteria and other contaminants. The next dose may be scheduled over the next week or two. The second dosing does not allow the bacteria, viruses, and other germs to resist the chemical in the first dose. This improves the effectiveness of water treatment.

Types of Chemical Bypass Feeders for Cooling Water Treatment

Our selection features the following types of chemical bypass feeders, which are used to introduce liquid or solid chemicals in engine jackets, boilers, and chillers.  

Beneficial Features of Chemical Bypass Feeders

We offer these bypass feeders in many sizes and configurations, and you may buy the required accessories separately. Here are some beneficial features of the chemical bypass feeders we offer.

  • We offer a variety of bypass feeders that may suit your application requirement.
  • These are sourced from reputed manufacturers, while we also manufacture our own product. In any case, quality has never been an issue with us.
  • These feeders are robust as they are made of premium quality carbon steel or stainless steel, and hence they are suited for challenging environments.
  • They come with a quick closure lid and a cap to ensure safety from exceeding pressure or temperature ranges.
  • They can withstand harsh chemicals, acids, and corrosive environments as the steel is powder coated. Hence they find applications in oil & gas, petroleum, HVAC, irrigation systems, and other harsh industry segments aside from water and wastewater.
  • All of our models are ASME certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on chemical bypass feeders along with their answers.

  • What is a chemical bypass feeder?

As mentioned, a chemical bypass feeder is a vessel-like device used to dose chemicals into the secondary loop of an industrial system as part of their water treatment process.

  • What is chemical feed tank?

These feeders are also called chemical feed tanks that are used in cooling water as well as hot water treatment applications.

  • What is a pot feeder on a boiler?

Bypass feeders are also called pot feeders as they look like a pot or vessel that can be installed on the floor or a 3-leg stand.

  • What are chemical feed systems used for?

These systems are used for dosing water treatment chemicals in the right amounts to boilers, coolers, and various water treatment systems. They find applications largely in industrial processes which need the water to be treated before its second use or release in the environment. These industries include oil & gas, HVAC, wastewater, pharmaceutical, chemicals, agriculture, and cooling towers among others.

Our chemical bypass feeders are of premium quality, and hence you can absolutely rely on us when it comes to quality. At Cannon Water Technology, our team can answer all the technical and pricing related question you may have about these feeders. We have embraced a customer-centric approach, which allows us understand the client’s application requirements at length, analyze it and offer the best feeder at a fair price. In case of any relevant questions or requirement sharing, you can reach us via phone or email. Also, we can offer you a quote once we analyze your requirements.