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Boilers and heaters are part of several industrial process and hence important equipment. Hence, it is crucial to ensure they are well maintained and function as required. Also, one needs to ensure they are free from corrosion, scaling, calcium carbonate build-up, and so on. To make things convenient, boiler water test kits are often preferred by manufacturers. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer various types of boiler water testing kits suitable for specific applications such as cooling towers, biocide feeders, and more. We source all the tools and accessories in this kit from reputed manufacturers. We assure the competitive prices and the fastest turnaround times on most items listed in this category.

Overview of Boilers

Boilers are devices that produce steam and are widely used in the water treatment process. Boilers are part of the integrated system in many manufacturing and water treatment units. The steam produced by these boilers facilitates its transportation across the system or facility. They are used to control the feed water quality.

Significance of Boiler Water Testing

Periodic boiler water testing is essential as if the boiler develops chemical buildup, corrodes, and so on, it will directly hamper steam production and in turn the entire process. Buildups are like clogs or blockages that reduce the flow of water and the amount of steam transported. The purpose of water treatment in industries is to remove all the chemicals and toxic contaminants present in it, so that it becomes safe for release in the environment. Even in domestic water treatment units, the water needs to be absolutely clean and potable. Hence, the equipment related to this process also needs to be free from corrosion, contamination, and so on. Also, periodic maintenance increases the boiler’s efficiency.                       

Importance of Boiler Water Test Kits as Water Analysis Equipment   

Boiler test kits come handy as you have the different reagents and tools required for checking varied parameters consolidated in a single pack. It becomes easy for the maintenance engineer to check one parameter after the other because of clear instructions and reagent labeling. Largely, a test kit contains tablets to check parameters such as alkalinity and chlorine, pH strips, color indicator card, sample tubes, bottles, syringes, multimeter, comparators, and so on. It also contains information about the range for each parameter. These kits are portable and can be carried along to any sites.

Frequency of Boiler Water Testing

The basic but important parameters such as conductivity, pH, alkalinity, hardness, chlorides, and so on must be checked every day or per shift basis depending on the use and application type. This ensures the protection of the steam system and efficient functioning of the boiler.      

Maintaining and Increasing the Efficiency of a Boiler?

A well maintained boiler has increased efficiency and helps save time and cost. Periodic maintenance as per the application requirement is what increases its efficiency. Using the right boiler water test kit makes this process easy. We offer boiler water test kits customized to suit your application needs. Aside from maintenance, there are other aspects such as the temperature settings which should be ideally around 85 degrees Celsius, which helps increase the heating and steam formation speed.


Here are some frequently asked questions which we have answered.

1.      Which chemicals are used in boiling water treatment?

This depends on the application requirement. However, largely chemicals that are useful in reducing scale buildup and corrosion, oxygen scavengers to remove the excess dissolved oxygen, and so on are commonly used.

 2.      What is the ideal pH range for boiler water feeders?

The ideal pH of the water should be more towards alkaline and between 9 and 11. Hence alkalinity checking is essential. Our boiler water test kit contains pH strips to check the same.

 3.      Do you offer custom kits for boiler testing?

Yes, we understand your application requirements and customize the boiler water kits for you. This is apart from including all the basic reagents in the kit.

 4.      How long it takes to receive the boiler water kits once an order is placed?

We offer fast turnaround times and ensure the inventory is stocked with the products that have a high demand. Boiler water test kits are one of them. We inform you about the availability promptly and most times these kits can be shipped anywhere across the USA on an immediate basis.

 5.      Aside from water treatment in manufacturing setups, where can we use this boiler water test kit?

While this kit is commonly used in industrial water treatment, you can also use it in hospitals, chemical processors, food packaging units, heating systems in commercial units, and so on where boilers are required.

If you are looking for good quality boiler water testing kits or testers for your industrial applications, you can absolutely rely on us in terms of quality, meeting specific requirements, fast turnaround times, and more. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer good quality boiler water testers sourced from reputed brands. You can share your requirements with us and we can offer you a quick quote. If you have any further enquiries or questions about the testers of kits we offer, whether technical or pricing-related, feel free to contact us via phone or email.