Lead Free Water Meter

Water meters are used for measuring the use of water. These meters are made of bronze, with a lead composition. Lead is an extremely toxic metal, which is known to cause severe harm to human lives. At Cannon Water Technology, we are committed to offer high quality water treatment products that are tested and proven to be safe for human use.

As a result, we have added lead free water meters to our inventory. These are compliant with Safe Water Drinking Act regulations. We source these meters from reputed manufacturers while we also manufacture our own products. We assure competitive pricing and the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Beneficial Features of Lead-free Potable Water Meters Offered by Cannon Water

It makes sense to invest in a lead-free potable water meter as well as related lead-free tubing and fixtures. Here are some benefits of lead free water meters offered by us.

  • First and the most important benefit is that these meters meet all the required standards of potable drinking water and comply with SDWA standards.
  • Made of either lead-free brass or polycarbonate, they are corrosion resistant, and especially the parts which come in contact with water are designed to withstand excess, heat, cold, steam, and so on.
  • They offer totalized volume of water and flow rate in real time.
  • There are two independent pulse output signals for programmable controllers and remote counters.
  • They have a simple design and a user friendly menu that is displayed on the screen once an option is selected.
  • The measured water volume and flow rate can be displayed either in gallons or cubic meters. You can set the option as per your preference.
  • There is a filter at the inlet of the meter which makes cleaning easy. You do not have to open the meter.
  • The meter valves are lead-free as well and help prevent backflow.

Impact of Lead on Human Beings and the Environment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged lead as one of the ten chemicals that need immediate attention due to its severe effects on human health and consciousness. In 2021, WHO has released an update on Public Health Impact of Chemicals: Knowns and Unknowns. This report stated that nearly 1 million people have lost their lives due to lead exposure in 2019. This exposure accounts for 21.7 million years of disability and deaths worldwide. These studies have inspired people and public authorities to invest in lead-free water treatment and plumbing equipment. Here are some pointers that would help you understand the impact of lead on human beings and the environment and also understand the importance of using lead-free meters and fixtures.

  • The presence of lead in water is toxic and detrimental to the human body as well as environment.
  • Lead has a neurotoxin which directly impacts the nervous system and brain in case of prolonged exposures. Once the nervous system is impacted, it may damage various organs.
  • Its presence in water and food must be avoided at all costs. Also, when such water is released into the environment, it destroys the vegetation in the vicinity and makes that water unfit for use.
  • Increased amount of lead in the environment can affect the reproduction and growth of animals and plants.
  • There are studies showing how lead has had neurological impact on vertebrates.

So, lead causes gradual poisoning, which is why it is filtered out through purification systems. One also has to ensure that the pipes and fixtures are lead free. By “lead free” it means the weighted average of 0.25% lead for the wetted surfaces of pipes, plumbing fixtures, fittings, and 0.2% lead for solder and flux is permissible. This is as per the Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

At Cannon Water, we offer lead-free brass water meters as well as ones made from polycarbonate. You can contact our team via email or phone if you have any further questions related to pricing, certifications, and technicalities of these lead-free brass water meters.