Well Inspection

The use of well water for drinking and several other domestic purposes is pretty common throughout the US and in fact across the globe. These wells contain groundwater seeping through the rain. The rainwater carries several gases and compounds and gathers minerals and their compounds, gravel, particulate matter, and so on, as it percolates down through rocks, water channels in the soil till it is absorbed in the ground. So, well water contains a huge amount of heavy metals such as iron, manganese, zinc, and so on chemicals such as chlorine, nitrates, pesticides, salt compounds, bacteria, and several other contaminants and particulate matter, which make the water unfit for drinking and usage as well as increases its hardness. While this water can be purified via RO systems, a periodic well inspection is imperative to get clean and safe drinking water. Today, different types of well inspection systems are available. Cannon Water Technology offers a variety of well water inspection systems with advanced features such as display screens, cameras, and so on to inspect the quality of your well water.

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  • Well Water Camera Systems Well Water Camera Systems SC-350 and SC-500

    Laval Underground Surveys

    SC-350 and SC-500 Well Water Camera Systems

    Laval Underground Surveys Affordable SC-350 and SC-500 Well Inspection Camera System  The SC-350 is an ultra-light, compact, camera system with the SC-166 water well camera designed for water wells, boreholes, and vertical shafts as small as 2...

  • Eno Scientific Well Watch 660 Level Sensor Eno Scientific Well Watch 660 Level Sensor

    Eno Scientific Well Watch 660 Level Sensor

     DISCONTINUED: SEE WELL WATCH 670 OR WELL SOUNDER 2010 PRO   The Eno Scientific Well Watch 660 measures the water level in a well water system by use of sonic technology. This system can detect the water level in a well and track the results...

  • Eno Scientific Well Watch 600 Remote Display Eno Scientific Remote Display Unit For Well Watch 600 Well Level Monitor

    ENO Scientific

    Eno Scientific Remote Display Unit For Well Watch 600 Well Level Monitor

    The Well Watch's 310 Wireless Remote Display is the perfect companion to the Well Watch 660 or 660 DL water level monitor units. The 310 display provides continuous readout of water level depths that are being provided by the Well Watch 660s. The data...

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  • Eno Scientific Well Watch 670 Level Sensor Eno Scientific Well Watch 670 Level Sensor

    ENO Scientific

    Eno Scientific Well Watch 670 Level Sensor

    WELL WATCH 670     Integrating a water level indicator into your existing Telemetry/SCADA system has never been easier. The Well Watch 670 utilizes low frequency sound waves to provide continuosly updated, accurate levels from on top of the...

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Features of Well Water Inspection Systems Offered by Cannon Water

We provide monitors and ground-level inspection systems. These systems have been installed in several homes across the US. We believe the following features make them the best in the industry.

Our monitors are connected to wireless systems, and they have been preferred due to the following reasons:

  • Our wireless remote display unit is a completely integrated system ideal for detailed inspection.
  • They provide a continuous readout of water level depth via the accompanied devices.
  • They feature an in-built data logger capable of storing approximately 25 million log points. Furthermore, you can download these log points via RS232 or USB.
  • These systems can also provide historical data for the past12 hours, 24 hours, and several days as required.
  • The system warns you of the switch in high/low levels with an audible or visual alarm. This helps prevent the well’s overuse and saves you from expensive well maintenance.
  • They are standalone and user-friendly devices.
  • You can mount them on the well or set them on a table or desk for easy level monitoring.

Our ground level inspection systems are preferred owing to the following reasons:

  • These systems come with a standard winch, control center, compact camera system, monitor, and power cable. Thus, they are best suited for water well inspection, boreholes, vertical shafts, and much more.
  • The system features a collapsible handle that makes them completely compact, portable, and shippable.
  • The system also has a brake lever, enabling the user to stop the reel at a specific point for a thorough inspection.

What Does a Typical Well Inspection Include?

A well inspection gives a thorough evaluation of the entire system. This helps maintain water purity, water safety, inspecting components and parts that provide water supply from ground level to all faucets in your home. Here are some important elements that describe the pointers involved in well inspection.

  • Well inspection begins by determining the operation of the submersible groundwater pumps. Initially, the inspector tests all parts of the pressure tank located in the basement. Also, they inspect the system’s overall condition and mechanical defects such as faulty gauges, rusting tanks, and more. If not done correctly, these issues can enable the entry of contaminants in drinking water or lower the water pressure.
  • Next, one of the most important parts of periodic well inspection is the water purity analysis along with the water flow rates. These two tests go hand in hand. For the water purity test, the well inspector takes the water sample and sends it to a lab. Once done, you will receive a report that describes the pH level of water, hardness, turbidity, and other such parameters. The report also describes the minerals present in your water.
  • For water quantity checks, the inspector measures the depth as well as dimensions of the well. This indicates the amount of water coming from the well, while the flow rate measures the total number of gallons per minute. Additionally, the inspector can check the pressure tank.

Why Should You Invest in Our Well Inspection Systems?

You should invest in well inspection systems if you see any of the following symptoms, and partnering with us would benefit you in several ways. Here are some pointers.

  • When you experience any change in taste or odor of your water, it’s crucial to get your well inspected.
  • If the well does not have the required amount of water or experiencing a loss of pressure or capacity.
  • It would be best to get your well inspected if you see cloudy water caused by suspended matter.
  • When the cap or seal of the well is removed, it is recommended to inspect the well.
  • If the test reports show a high level of bacteria, chemicals or raise any potential health concerns, you should consult an experienced professional to disinfect the well.
  • To perform an accurate well water inspection, you must have the right equipment which we can offer.
  • Our products are sourced from trusted brands, and hence you can be rest assured about the quality.
  • We offer competitive pricing.
  • We offer same-day shipping depending on the region and are known for on-time deliveries.

Our highly skilled team can answer all the questions you may have regarding our well inspection systems. For any further doubts regarding our well inspection services, reach us via email or phone. Our experts will help you in all possible ways.