Well Water Test Kits

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Well water is used for drinking and other domestic chores across the world. A bored well stores groundwater seeped through rains; along with it, several harmful chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, and contaminants get mixed through different sources. These factors make the water even hard and unfit for drinking and other usage.

Even if such water is used for non-potable purposes, they may leave scale and marks on pipe equipment. Thus, to minimize these risks, periodic well water testing is recommended. This testing must be performed using well water test kits, also known as drinking water test kits. Being one of the most reliable distributors of water treatment equipment's, Cannon Water Technology, Inc., offers high-quality well water test kits which help detect unsafe parameters of water, such as copper, iron, lead, and toxins from pesticides or fertilizers, and much more. These kits help improve water quality, which extends the lifespan of pumping accessories and equipment.

Beneficial Features of Well Water Testing Kits

Water hardness is one of the most common problems associated with well water. With our well water testing kits, you can easily determine the hardness level of water, amount of minerals, etc. Additionally, you can compare all your reports to the environmental protection agency (EPA) recommended levels to improve the water quality. Our drinking water test kits are widely preferred due to their following notable features:

  • Many well water testing kits available with us are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International. They are safe, eco-friendly, and easy to use under NSI/NSF standard 60.
  • Contain a vial for bacteria test, pesticide/lead test strip, nitrate test strip, chlorine test strip, copper test strip, and so on.
  • They are designed for potable water supplies.
  • They can reveal the presence of toxins from fertilizers and pesticides that may have mixed with water from fields.
  • Deliver effective and amazing results in severe cases.
  • They will also give you an idea of the pH balance of well water.

Applications of Well Water Tests Kits

Due to the above-mentioned beneficial features, our well water tests kits are commonly used in the following applications:

• Mining
• Oil and gas
• Dewatering
• Drain lines
• Drain block plugging the control
• Iron ore cleaning chemical
• Water supplying systems
• Control of iron-reducing bacteria
• Drain tile cleaning
• Basement drainage system cleaner
• Water/wastewater treatment plants
• Sump pump cleaning chemical

With years of market presence and skilled employees, we specialize in delivering unmatched quality and performance-centric water technology products. Our irreversible commitment to quality and timely market delivery has enabled us to team up with industry-leading brands, retain our old clients, and gain new ones.

Apart from well water testing kits, we offer chemical pumps, pH measurement devices, and required accessories. We also provide these products with custom specifications to fulfill your application needs. For any doubts or queries regarding well water test kits or any other our products, contact us at the earliest. Our team of experts will assist you after thoroughly understanding your concern.