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Water is a basic requirement for survival. Irrespective of its usages such as for drinking, domestic chores, and so on as well as the sources such as wells and rivers, testing the water quality is inevitable. Water quality testing is essential to understand and analyze its composition, influential environmental conditions, and other constituents. A water source may contain pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, oils, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, and bacteria. Also, water carries several particles and contaminants along its way through pipelines. Hence, its testing is crucial. There are several aspects and equipment using which water is tested. A water sampler is one of the essential tools used in conjunction with a sonde or CTD. This instrument collects water samples in small quantities from sources and sends them to the lab for further analysis. Water samples must be taken and analyzed periodically to analyze its condition. Being one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers of water treatment systems and equipment, Cannon Water Technology offers quality automatic water samplers to collect water samples to provide accurate data analysis and readings regarding the water quality. Our water samplers evaluate color and various other parameters to identify the presence of chemicals and other contaminants to assess the quality.

Beneficial Features of Water Samplers Offered by Cannon Water Technology

At Cannon Water Technology, we offer different water samplers for different purposes. The selection of water sampling tubes entirely depends on the requirement of applications. By and far, it is a straight and transparent tube that holds water inside. Automatic water samplers have gained immense popularity owing to their following beneficial features. So, let’s have a look at them.

  • The water sampling tubes are made of transparent acrylic. Owing to the material’s excellent strength and weathering properties, it can withstand several challenging applications.
  • The sample does not come in contact with the metal parts directly because of its horizontal structure. This reduces the risk of corrosion. The sample is pulled sideways before metal weight is released to close the sampler. This helps you acquire water samples from any depth that you require.
  • Due to the horizontal water flow, these water samplers are suitable for shallow as well as deep water applications.
  • There are minimal or zero constraints on the water flow. Also, no vertical contamination can happen.
  • It is primarily used for water sampling, in-depth water quality research, or water monitoring.
  • Several water sampling equipment are difficult to clean and maintain, mainly due to the physical structure, shape, and so on. However, this is not the case with the water samplers we offer. The equipment can be easily cleaned and maintained, making it ideal for daily use.
  • Owing to its rugged and sturdy construction, it is possible to preserve the water sample in it for a long time.

Applications of Water Samplers Offered by Us

Although water samplers are important to test the quality of water, they also monitor water treatment processes or rectify discharges into the sewage systems and protect ground water. There are many reasons for employing water samplers. Here are some important application areas:

  • Wastewater sampling
  • Watershed monitoring
  • Stormwater sampling
  • Process water monitoring
  • Product sampling for quality verification
  • Water sampling
  • Surface water sampling
  • Monitoring of sewer systems
  • River sampling
  • Well sampling
  • Pretreatment sludge sampling

Are you intrigued to use these water samplers to collect and analyze water samples? If that sounds yes, then you are at the right place. Cannon Water Technology offers high-quality water samplers at the most competitive prices. This irrevocable commitment has enabled us to serve hundreds of thousands of clients across industries. Over the years, we have teamed up with trusted, top industry brands to deliver quality products. With intellectual and experienced employees, we have specialized in designing and supplying water sampling tubes, water testing kits, water filtration systems, chemical pumps, and so on. If you have any queries or doubts about water samplers, then feel free to contact us at the earliest. Our experts would assist you in all possible ways.