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Water is an essential commodity in the food & beverage industry because it is used in various capacities. Purified and clean water is one of the key requirements in the food & beverage industry because it directly contributes to product quality as well as consumer health. Owing to their impact on human health, food & beverage industry is also one of the highly regulated industries in the world. This is why food and beverage processing facilities maintain high standards of water quality.

The water used for processing, cleaning, and other purposes within the facility, and the wastewater that is discharged to the environment must be treated effectively to meet environmental regulations. Although there are several water purification techniques in use today, not all can assure high quality. To ensure quality, you need to invest in effective water treatment solutions for the food & beverage industry. Cannon Water specializes in effective water treatment solutions for the food & beverage industry. These systems can be easily incorporated in your manufacturing facilities to remove dissolved contaminants in water.  Our collection also features solutions that help you recycle wastewater and improve their reusability while improving your sustainability goals and reducing your emissions. Most food and beverage industry solutions displayed on this page are designed in-house by our experts and some are sourced from industry-leading brands.

Types of Solutions for Food & Beverage Industries Offered by Cannon Water

Our food & beverage industry solutions are widely affected by clients owing to their effectiveness. These solutions are specially created by keeping the stringent requirements of the industry in mind. The following are a few popular water treatment solutions for the food & beverage industry.

  • Reverse Osmosis: This is a key water purification process that focuses on the removal of bacterial and chemical contaminants using a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane comprises fine holes, which retain large contaminant particles from mixing with purified and potable water. Our collection features various popular RO filters from brands like MyronL, Watts, and DOW Filmtec. These filters have set industry standards for water purification for food & beverage facilities.
  • Filtration Systems: There are several water filtration systems, which are used prior to reverse osmosis to remove contaminants in water. Our collection features cartridge filters and centrifugal separators. These water filtration systems are designed on various techniques like centrifugal separation or use various media to remove solids and chemicals from water. These are quite useful for water treatment plants in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. They are often used to treat the water released from food and beverage processing operations. The wastewater may contain several organic and solid waste, which needs to be separated or removed before releasing the water into the environment. Centrifugal separators help separate bulky components and sludge from wastewater. The filtration systems are incapable of removing salts, inorganic solids, as well as minerals, which is why they are often used with water treatment solutions for effective results.  
  • Ultrafiltration: Many food and beverage manufacturing processes demand highly purified water and ultrafiltration is the best way to achieve it. This technique utilizes a membrane barrier to hold back microorganisms and colloids and other minute impurities, which are not visible to human eyes. We provide activated charcoal filters and activated carbon filters for this purpose.
  • Emulsion Breakers: They are used to remove oil particles from wastewater produced during food and beverage processing. As known, oil particles are known to cause flocculation of fine particles. Our collection features emulsion breakers, which are added to the wastewater released in food and beverage processing facilities to remove oil particles.

Applications That Utilize Our Food & Beverage Industry Solutions

At Cannon Water, we provide the latest water treatment solutions for the food & beverage industry. They are designed to meet diverse requirements in food and beverage processing facilities, as well as commercial kitchens, hospitality organizations, and so on. Our solutions have been widely used for the following processes:

  • Ingredient mixing during food processing
  • Producing clean drinking water for brewing
  • Producing ice and a wide range of beverages
  • Producing utility water for use in food processing facilities
  • Sanitize-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) processes
  • Steam tables, dishwashers, and steamers
  • Reducing wastewater
  • Demineralization during pre-treatment in food processing facilities

Our in-depth understanding of water treatment requirements across industries enables us to serve our clients better. We are aware of the stringent requirements for water treatment in food and beverage industry. This is why we always focus on delivering quality equipment. Our no compromise on quality attitude coupled with our industry experience and ability to assure 100% customer satisfaction has earned us several customers. We have earned most customers from referrals. Contact us today to know more about the food & beverage industry solutions provided by Canon Water. Our experts would be happy to help you with the selection.