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Boiler water treatment is the process of preparing the feed water to prevent water-related problems. The industrial and residential boiler water treatment is essential pre-feed treatment as the boiler system is exposed to extremely high temperatures, water, and steam. If impure water is exposed to high temperature, its boiling and steaming can lead to mineral deposition on the boiler walls, rusting, scaling, etc.  Such issues in the boiler system can directly affect the efficiency, safety, and performance capabilities of the equipment. To prevent certain issues effective boiler feed water treatment is essential. Cannon Water Technology, Inc., is a supplier of industrial water solutions, offers boiler water treatment solutions. We offer boiler water treatment chemicals and boiler water treatment systems for filtration, purification, and preparation of feed water.

Boiler Water Treatment Solutions Offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc

The industrial and residential boiler water systems are exposed to the issues like corrosion, mineral deposition, slurry, and scale, etc. All these problems result in a reduction in heat exchange, cracks, and leakage. The problems can be seen in the boiler vessel, steam processing units, or in pipelines. To prevent certain issues, corrosion prevention, scale and slurry removal, and boiler wall rinsing, etc is important to get done followed by clean feed water circulation. To perform such activities, Cannon Water Technology, Inc’s solutions for boiler water treatment are listed below.

  • Hard Water Treatment: Hard water is one of the prime culprits for corrosion and scaling in boiler systems. Hard water consists of salt and minerals which does not vaporize during boiling and steam formation. This results in the deposition of the mineral layer on the boiler walls, which is known as scaling. To avoid feeding hard water to the boiler systems, hard water treatments are needed. The following products offered by us can help in softening the water.
  • Hardness Reagents: These are the boiler water treatment chemicals used for the reduction of hardness in water. These hardness reagents if added in an appropriate quantity can stabilize the levels of calcium, and magnesium. Hardness reagents can be used for pre-feed water treatment. Our water quality test kits can be used before adding the hardness reagents to test the mineral levels in the water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters: The reverse osmosis filters are effective in removing dissolved minerals and contaminants. We offer a complete reverse osmosis setup to be installed with a feed water treatment in a power plant. Filtration of water by reverse osmosis technique can prevent the boiler system from corrosion, mineral deposition, and scaling.
  • Corrosion Treatment: The corrosion in boiler systems can be chemical corrosion or physical corrosion. The corrosion can occur in the boiler feed water system, vessel walls, valves, and pipelines. To prevent corrosion, we offer the following products.
  • Corrosion Coupons: Corrosion coupons are the tools used for checking the presence of traces of corrosion. These tools are made of reactive materials like zinc, copper, brass, carbon steel, etc. They can be integrated into the feed water transmission line to detect if corrosion is present in the boiler system and water.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Corrosion inhibitors are steam boiler chemical treatment solutions. These chemical components consist of reagents that reduce the level of corrosion-causing elements in the water. The corrosion inhibitors can be added to boiler feed water through boiler feed water systems so that the corrosion potential of water is reduced at the supply source itself. The corrosion inhibitors are also added to the water used for boiler maintenance such as scale removal, boiler walls rinsing, pressure valve maintenance, etc.
  • Boiler Water Recycling Treatment: Many industrial boiler systems are integrated with boiler water recycling systems. In these systems, the generated steam is condensed to form water droplets. This water is treated to remove metal particles, contaminants, etc. To treat the condensed water, we offer cartridge filtration systems, centrifugal separators, etc.

Why Choose Cannon Water Technology, Inc for Boiler Water Treatment Solutions

Cannon Water Technology, Inc stands out as a premium solution provider for boiler water treatment in comparison to different boiler water treatment companies for several reasons. However, the following qualities of Cannon Water Technology, Inc make us a reliable supplier.

  • The products we offer are problem-oriented. Therefore, they can be used individually to resolve a single problem or a whole boiler water treatment solution can be sourced.
  • All our products are sourced from high-end brands like Stenner, Watts, Sentinel, and many more.
  • We offer thorough guidance for the selection of appropriate solutions for industrial and residential boiler water treatment solutions.

To get more information about our services or in case of any queries, please contact our team today. We will be happy to assist you.