Knight Equipment Pumps

With thirty-nine years of manufacturing and engineering know-how, Knight Equipment has become the benchmark of reliability and quality for advanced chemical dispensing systems. At Cannon Water Technology, we take immense pride to keep an extensive line of Knight Equipment pumps that are designed to offer a wide array of flow rates and multi-functional controls.  Offering outstanding suction performance and repeatability characteristics, Knight Idex peristaltic pumps bring trouble-free and consistent operation for several years. These field-proven pumps, which are engineered for aggressive environments, can be adjusted to dispense various portions of chemicals per pump.

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Knight Peristaltic Pumps Offered at Cannon Water Technology

At Cannon Water Technology, you can find the most comprehensive line of reliable Knight peristaltic pumps that provide accurate dosing in all process conditions. Manufactured to prevent spills and leaks, you can be assured of minimized product waste. Following are the models we offer under this category:

  • PMP Plus Series Peristaltic Pump (PMPP): Simple design with a few moving parts make these pumps extremely user-friendly for aggressive chemicals, and high duty cycle applications. Largely chosen for a wide variety of metering applications, they are manufactured with long-lasting EPDM or Viton seals, continuous duty rated motors, and powder coated IP-65 rated stainless steel, adding to their service life.
  • PMP Plus Electric Diaphragm Pump (PMPE): With us, you will find a large selection of Knight PMP Plus Electric Diaphragm Pump (PMPE) for sale at the lowest prices. They are manufactured using the finest quality stainless steel, which enables these Knight Idex pumps to offer long years of service even with continuous operation in strenuous environmental conditions.

Other than these pumps, we also maintain the largest selection of peristaltic pump parts that immensely help the customers who already own Knight Equipment pumps. A few amongst the main parts we offer at Cannon Water Technology include:

  • Peristaltic pump tubes
  • Chemical pump tubing fittings
  • Elastic tubes
  • Knight check valves
  • Plastic w/Viton duckbills
  • Head cover plates
  • Replacement duckbills
  • Tube lubes

Common Features of Knight Peristaltic Pump we Offer at Cannon Water

Knight Equipment is at the forefront when it comes to peristaltic pump and parts. All the peristaltic pumps they offer are designed with ease of setup and use in mind. The other prominent features that make the brand’s pumps popular in the market include:

  • Designed to dispense a variety of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, Knight Idex peristaltic pumps stand up well for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • They are designed to provide variable speed output or fixed speed output, as per the application requirements.
  • These self-priming and easy to service pumps are available in a wide range of flow rates.
  • Enclosed in a corrosion resistant, watertight, and powder coated case, the pumps’ critical components are safe, and thus assure long years of uninterrupted service.
  • Knight Idex pumps are ruggedly manufactured with water resistant case, silicone gasket, and long lasting squeeze tube.
  • They are best manufactured utilizing the latest microprocessor technology with a simple dip switch and push button programming.
  • Extremely versatile and accurate, the Knight Equipment pumps offered at Cannon Water Technology offer superior performance, optimized efficiency, and simplified maintenance.
  • With new multi-function electronics and high-resolution variable speed control, they offer constant, reliable, and safe operation.
  • These pumps, featuring leak-proof designs, can withstand various ranges of toxic liquids such as acids, fuels, glues, paints, resins, inks, or slurry.

Applications of Knight Peristaltic Pumps

Knight’s field-proven, long-life peristaltic pumps have been designed to meet the pumping application needs of varied industries. They have been largely chosen for applications in:

  • Food & beverage
  • Industrial process
  • Chemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Oil & Offshore
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Municipal

We have with us a team of highly trained sales professionals who possess extensive experience in responding to the customer requirements in the most satisfactory manner. Let them know your application requirements. Our experts lead you towards a wise purchase!