Water Control Valve

A water control valve is a type of valve that controls the flow and backflow of water in a pipe and transfers it from source to destination. These valves are designed to controlling water, regardless of its consistency and constituents. While typically these valves start and stop the flow as well as prevent the backflow; however, these valves do have advanced features and functionalities such as controlling the flow speed, capacity, and direction.

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At Cannon Water Technology, we offer various types of water control valves which work on auto mode and have all these advanced features. They are made of superior quality metals and alloys, such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and so on. This makes them resistant to corrosion and handle contaminated and semi-solid water. Our valves also work as water pressure regulators and have been used in applications to prevent water loss, streamline the supply and distribution, as well as control pressure and flow.

How Does a Water Control Valve Work?

The method of flow control depends on the application type. Valves may either have rotary or linear motion. The actual opening and closing motion as well as angular motion are performed by valve actuators. Linear motion based valves use a flexible diaphragm like component that moves in a linear manner to control or manage the water flow. This diaphragm or disc moves in a linear manner across or against a pipe opening as required. On the other hand, rotational motion based valves use rotary, angular, or elliptical motion by rotating a shaft or disc across the diameter of the pipe orifice. Once the valve angle attains 90 degrees, the valve would be either completely open or close depending on the requirement. These valves work automatically to check the flow rate and ensure the maximum limit is not crossed. The valve remains completely open in case of normal pressure and low to medium flow rate of water, depending on preset values based on application requirements.

Beneficial Features of Water Control Valves at Cannon Water

There are many benefits of these control valves and especially when you source them from us. Here are some of them.

  • They have a robust design and advanced features and functionalities which makes them user-friendly.
  • These valves are made or sturdy metals or alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, and so on, and hence can withstand harsh industrial environments, corrosive and abrasive substances, and so on.
  • Our water flow control valves are proven to minimize the risk of damage due to pipe bursts and water hammer.
  • These water pressure regulator valves have helped curb the instances of leakage and minimize the risk of contamination in facilities, where they have been used for several years.
  • These water flow control valves are known to offer immense savings for customers.


Here are some application areas of water control valves:

Our water pressure regulator valves contribute to efficient water supply and distribution by avoiding any water loss and wastage, and have helped several companies save costs as well. If you are looking for good quality water control valves for your industrial process, you can partner with us and we’ll ensure you will get the right valves which match your specifications. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer a huge collection of relief valves in various types and configurations. In case you are interested in any of our water control valves, we can offer you a quote once we receive your requirements. For any further enquiries or questions you may have about our valves, you can reach us via phone or email.