Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

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Clean water is important for the overall well-being of human beings. At Cannon Water Technology, we work with the sole commitment of providing the best quality reverse osmosis water filters that would help users to get clean and pure water for their daily needs. Our selection comprises a wide range of carbon filters that are used in under sink or whole house water Reverse Osmosis water filters to remove chlorine and other contaminants from water. These filters not only remove the contaminants from water but also help improve the taste of water.

Chlorine and chloramine are two chemicals commonly used by municipal water facilities and homeowners across the world to disinfect water from harmful contaminants. Affordability, easy availability, and effectiveness are some factors that make these chemicals popular. Although these chemicals have been effective against harmful microbes and algae, they leave a bad taste and odor in the disinfected water.

Many studies conducted across the world suggest regular consumption of water disinfected with chlorine and chloramine would lead to several illnesses like cancer. To avoid this, the tap water derived from a city water source or well is made to pass through carbon filters which can remove chlorine before passing them to the RO membrane. If carbon filters are avoided then chlorinated water supplies would affect human health and affect the quality of RO membrane over the time.

An Overview of Carbon Filtration Technology and Types of Filters

Carbon filters feature a carbon barrier that entraps contaminants in its open pores and carbon atoms bond with the chemicals in these contaminants and detoxifies water. These filters are designed to operate through the process of adsorption and they help remove contaminants and improve the taste of water. Carbon filters are used in pre-RO and post-RO purification stages. Usually, post-RO filters are used for enhancing the taste of water that is purified using a reverse osmosis water filtration system.

There are three types of carbon filters – activated carbon filters and carbon block filters.

  • Granular Activated Carbon Filters: These filters feature granules, which offer a channel for filtration. Activated carbon filters offer a high water flow rate; however, the water has only one channel to flow through. This channel may sometimes carry contaminants along with water. The filters possess small pores and less surface area for adsorption to take place.
  • Carbon Block Filters: These filters feature denser activated carbon blocks. This denser variant offers a bigger surface area for the water to pass through and have restricted flow than granular activated filters, thereby assuring high filtration efficiency.

A carbon filter can be installed at the point-of-use (POU) or point-of-entry (POE). POE is from where the water enters your home, while POU refers to specific usage areas such as kitchen sink faucet, bathtub, or shower. The POE installation will help you cover the water supply across an entire range. The choice of the installation will depend on how you wish to use a reverse osmosis water filter –as a whole house water filter or an under sink water filter.

Types of Contaminants Removed by a RO Filter

Carbon filters can remove several contaminants from water in addition to chlorine and chloramine. The following are a few common contaminants removed using the filter.

  • Volatile organic compounds ( VOCs)
  • Gasoline compounds
  • Cleaning agents and degreasers
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Iron, lead, mercury, and a host of heavy metals

Features of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Offered by Cannon Water Technology

The following features of our carbon filters or reverse osmosis water filters make them popular with our clients.

  • We provide carbon block filter cartridges made from coconut shells of high quality.
  • These block filter cartridges can be used in whole house water filters or under sink water filters to remove impurities such as dirt, sediments, sand, silt, and so on.
  • The advanced coconut carbon filtration technology in these filters helps improve carbon capacity, block the flow of contaminants, and maintain low-pressure drop for excellent water filtration.
  • These filters possess a maximum flow rate of 2 gallons per minute.
  • Our carbon block filter cartridges are compatible with various filter brands.

Clean water is becoming an essential commodity and users are investing in several water treatment systems for effective results. At Cannon Water Technology, we are passionate about effective water treatment technologies. So, since inception, we have been helping users choose the right water treatment solution for their applications.

Our experts always make it a point to work with customers to understand their water treatment challenges before offering the right solution. Feel free to contact us today to know more about reverse osmosis water filters or other filtration systems offered by us. Our experts would work with you to find the right solution for your needs.