Boiler Water Sample Cooler

Use of boilers and steam is a pretty common in various industries. This is achieved through boilers and the water is allowed to cool through a heat exchanger. This water used must be pure and maintained that way throughout the process. Hence water samples are taken to check the quality. This is done with the help of boiler water sample coolers which work like compactly designed heat exchangers. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer various types of sample coolers, most of them having a stainless steel body in various sizes and configurations. We stock boiler water sample coolers made by known manufacturers. Our sample coolers are typically used in boiler, steam, and hot water applications.

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How Does a Sample Cooler Work?

The basic purpose of this device is to collect the right amount of hot water and allow the boiler water sample to cool. The best part of a sample cooler is that it performs the task without having to stop the process flow or boiler system, thanks to the low pressure drop system. They are designed to facilitate heat transfer and subsequent cooling. They facilitate safe and easy sampling of cooled water. While the water is cooled in the sampler, the whole process is performed at high temperatures set as per the process requirements. This device comprises a stainless steel body and a coil for sample flow. It can be installed easily with the help of mounting brackets with pre-drilled holes. There are clamp adaptors too. The baffling on the shell side endures shocks and vibration and reduces the possibility of pressure drop. The device has a tube side and a shell side, wherein the tube is meant for hot water to flow and the shell side carries the cooled water.

Beneficial Features of Boiler Water Sample at Cannon Water

Mostly made of stainless steel, the rugged design can withstand extreme environments and resist chemicals, heat, abrasion, and so on. There are many benefits of the sample coolers we offer. Here are some of them.

  • All the models of sample coolers available with us meet the required industry standards and have a rugged design.
  • They have the flash steam suppression feature which enhances the accuracy in sampling quantity and also make the process safe.
  • Usually, the pressure capacity for most models is around 3000 to 4000 psi at around 700 to 800 degrees Celsius.
  • At Cannon Water, we ensure to meet your specific requirements as standard configurations do not work across all industries.
  • Our inventory is well stocked and almost all models of boiler water sample coolers are available for immediate shipping or as required.

Applications of Boiler Water Sample Cooler

Here are some application areas of boiler water sample coolers:

  • Industrial boilers
  • Sterilization in healthcare segment
  • Humidification
  • Steam applications in process industries
  • Energy generation
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemical refineries
  • Pharmaceutical

If you are looking for good quality boiler water sample coolers for your industrial process, you can trust us in terms of quality, accuracy, catering to exact requirements, meeting deadlines, and so on. Also, we are absolutely reliable partners when it comes to customer service as well as technical assistance. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer a good collection of sample coolers specific to boiler and steam applications in various types and configurations. While we have our own products, we also source from reputed manufacturers. You can share your requirements with us and we can offer you a quick quote. In case of any further enquiries or questions you may have about our sample coolers, you can reach us via phone or email.