Lakewood OnSight Remote Access Communications

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The OnSight Remote Access System by Lakewood Instruments upgrades most existing water treatment controllers into advanced smart systems, providing remote monitoring, system graphs, and accessible data logs. Access these features securely via smartphone, tablet, or PC without needing direct control access to the controller.Primary Benefits:

  • Mobile Device Friendly: Access the system on smartphones, tablets, or PCs.
  • Built-In Web Interface: Easy to use and navigate.
  • Downloadable System Graphing & Data Logs: Analyze and store important data effortlessly.
  • Alarm Notifications: Receive alerts via email or text for any unexpected issues.
  • Easy Setup: Convert site-only controllers to remote data-logged systems with minimal effort.

With the growing importance of remote monitoring and data collection, knowing the basic system parameters from a remote location is invaluable. This system enhances service reports and improves customer experience by providing more comprehensive data.

Key Features:

  • Remote Monitoring: Implement remote monitoring without changing the existing controller, preserving your control scheme and reducing upgrade costs.
  • Analog and Digital Inputs: Handle four 4-20mA analog signals for various system parameters, including conductivity and chemical tank levels.
  • Digital Inputs: Up to four dry-contact digital inputs for logging activities such as blowdown valve activation and pump operation history.
  • 4G Connectivity: Paired with a 4G router for easy data access from any device.

System Overview:

  • Remote Water Quality Monitoring: Maintain your control scheme while adding remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Data Handling: Use the system’s analog channels for parameters like conductivity and level transmitters.
  • Digital Logging: Log critical operations with digital inputs for detailed monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Access: Access OnSight data directly from your PC, tablet, or phone.

Enhance your water treatment operations with the OnSight Remote Access System, offering unparalleled control and efficiency for modern water management.