Chlorine Filters

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Chlorine is commonly used as a water purifying agent as it is known to hinder the growth of various bacteria and fungi. It is added to water purification tanks at a municipal corporation level or a department which looks into the water supply requirements of a given area or a city. However, this mineral leaves a certain taste and odor in the mouth, which is not really pleasant and hence we need to remove some amount of chlorine in water. The removal of chlorine in drinking water as well as water for domestic use is crucial for various reasons. Cannon Water Technology offers carbon filter systems which helps eliminate chlorine problems in water while ensuring its cleanliness.

Identifying and Treating Chlorine Problems in Water

First, it is important to note that chlorine not only leaves an unpleasant taste in your mouth but also causes skin allergies or rashes in some people. Also, chlorine may not be present in free forms and may react with certain metals in water to form compounds such as chloroforms, which may be harmful if consumed in excess amounts. This is a major reason why the chlorine quantity and standards are set by USEPA. Chlorine is combined with ammonia to form chloramine which is also used for water purification. Usually, it is thought to be milder then free chlorine. However, chloramine found in water bodies affects the health of aquatic creatures. Although chlorinated water may be supplied by municipal corporations for domestic use, it needs to be treated with an efficient water filtration system at home.

Solutions We Offer to Remove the Chlorine Taste

To install an effective filtration system, it is important to know your source of water and the amount of chlorine used by authorities. It is also crucial to know the hardness of water as hard water needs to be softened. If the water is soft and only needs removal of chlorine and bacteria if any, using carbon filters is a great option. Cannon Water offers a variety of such chlorine filters. These are basically cartridge filters which are pretty compact and flexible. They help remove chlorine, particulate matter, and bacteria if any, from the tap water. You can install a filter under the sink, over the top, and in various ways as per their design. They can be broadly classified as whole house filters and point-of-use filters. Cannon Water offers filters made by certified and reliable manufacturers, which assures water that is free of excess chlorine, safe, neutral in taste, and odorless. They come in various sizes and configurations. Some of these brands include Pentek, Watts, Flow-Max, and so on.

With regards to safe solutions for chlorine problems in water, you can totally rely on us.  Our team is extremely resourceful. In case of any further questions such as how to remove chlorine from water, you can reach us on phone or email.