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Arsenic is a naturally occurring mineral found in soil, water, rocks, and so on. Through all these sources, it enters water bodies and subsequently our taps. Aside from the natural sources, it may also enter through fertilizers, animal feeds, coal burning, mining, and other such operations. It is known for slow poisoning and hence is harmful for human health. So, arsenic in drinking water must be removed. Cannon Water Technology offers filtration solutions on the removal of arsenic in water.

Identifying and Treating Arsenic Water Problems

As such, arsenic is difficult to be identified by checking only physical properties because it does not lend any definite taste, odor, or color to the water. But, it needs to be eliminated as it may cause skin allergies, digestion issues, vomiting, nausea, and so on. If consumed in large amounts it can cause slightly severe diseases such as peripheral neuropathy or even paralysis. At times, it can be carcinogenic and may affect vital organs over a period of time. Arsenic III and Arsenic V are the variants most commonly found in water. So, how to remove arsenic from water. Well, thankfully, we offer solutions on the same.

Solutions We Offer to Remove Arsenic in Water

Cannon Water Technology offers various solutions for arsenic removal. In fact, all these solutions remove not only arsenic but also other heavy metals such as iron and manganese, sediments, suspended organic material, gases such as hydrogen sulfide, metal compounds, substances which make the water turbid, and so on. Here are a few solutions we offer:

  • Filter Media: This filter media when added to filtration systems, eliminates arsenic, heavy metals, and various other contaminants. We offer reputed brands which are affordable and have long operational life of up to 10 years. Also, this filtration media is low on maintenance. It can be used for industrial as well as residential water treatment. This media is basically granular and suitable for RO systems, wastewater treatment, and other wide range of applications. Our filtration media setup such as Katalox Light is compact and well designed. With this, you can even remove arsenic from your well water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems: Our reverse osmosis (RO) systems with carbon filters work efficiently in terms of removing arsenic and other toxic and harmful elements in water. You can use either point-of-entry or point-of use RO filtration systems. This means you can have a common point-of entry setup common for an entire gated community or an area, else you can have a point-of-use system set up in your home with a different filter for each faucet as required. You can also opt for a whole house filtration system which means a single setup connected to all the taps in your home.

If you have an industrial unit which needs a filtration unit to remove arsenic and other toxic compounds from water, we can definitely help you. We can offer solutions for arsenic removal for households or gated communities as well. Our technically sound team is there to answer all your relevant questions. You can contact us on phone or email in case of any further questions about out our arsenic removing products.