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The oil & gas industry requires access to clean and pure water as part of their production processes. The oilfield and natural gas segments in the oil & gas industry produce wastewater which needs to be purified before disposal, and there are strict guidelines and regulations for the same. So oilfield wastewater treatment is a crucial aspect in this industry. Knowing and identifying the pollutants and contaminants in wastewater is just as important. Using the right chemicals and equipment for wastewater treatment offers many benefits including cost saving and treatment efficiency. Cannon Water Technology offers effective and efficient water treatment solutions for oil & gas industry, in the form of water treatment controllers, demulsifiers, filters, and so on. This helps eliminate water pollution, health hazards, and so on. Our solutions also help reduce costs, are low on maintenance, and comply with environmental norms and regulation which is crucial.

Types of Water Treatment Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry Offered by Cannon Water

We, at Cannon Water Technology, offer various solutions for oil and gas wastewater treatment. While we are manufacturers of most equipment, we also source some from reputed manufacturers. Here the solutions we offer for the oil & gas industry.

  • Water filters: Wastewater treatment involves the use of cartridge filters to filter out sediments. Cannon Water offers a number of industrial water filters such as backlash and sediment filters for water treatment in the oil & gas industry.
  • Corrosion inhibitors: The oil and gas industry has a harsh process environment. While the pipelines, tanks, containers, and so on are designed to be corrosion resistant, they may be corroded due to exposure to harsh chemicals, and various gases produced. So, during wastewater purification and recirculation, it is essential to protect the equipment from corrosion. So, we offer corrosion inhibitors which are mixed with water before the process.
  • Demulsifiers: Lubricants are an integral part of the oil & gas industry, and they may at times get mixed with water. It is essential to remove oils and lubricants from wastewater before it is filtered. Filtering along with the oil droplets may clog the filter and hinder the sediment and particles from getting filtered out. So, demulsifiers are essential to separate the immiscible oil layers from the water. They also help retain the normal viscosity of water.
  • Centrifugal separators: Through their centrifugal action, these separators filter out the sediments, sand, contaminants, particulate matter, and so on. They are used for dewatering functions.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis has been favored in the oil and gas industry for several years due to its efficiency in removing pollutants mixed with water and low power consumption. The reverse osmosis filters feature semipermeable membrane and brackish water is forced through it. Large contaminant particles are retained on the pressurized membrane side and pure water flows through it.

Applications of Our Water Treatment Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our oil and gas industrial water treatment solutions are employed for:

  • Produced water treatment in the oil and gas industry, especially treating water produced during oilfield and oil recovery operations
  • Treating produced water for beneficial reuse
  • Treating water produced during oil and gas production
  • Wastewater and effluent treatment in downstream activities to remove pollutants and toxic elements

In case of any further questions regarding our oil & gas wastewater treatment solutions, you can reach us on phone or email. Our capable and efficient team can answer all your questions, and would be happy to help you.