Pump Rebuild Kits

Pump rebuild kits are comprehensive packages that contain all the necessary components to repair or overhaul a pump. These kits are designed to extend the life of pumps by replacing worn-out or damaged parts, ensuring that the pump continues to operate efficiently and effectively. Using a rebuild kit can restore a pump to its original performance specifications, helping avoid the cost inconvenience of replacing the entire pump unit.

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Water pump rebuild kits include a variety of components such as seals, gaskets, O-rings, bearings and sometimes more specific parts like impellers or vanes, depending on the type of pump being repaired. These parts are critical for maintaining the pump’s integrity, preventing leaks, reducing friction, and ensuring smooth operation.

Cannon Water Technology offers an extensive selection of pump repair kits and accessories from premium brands such as LMI. We deliver the quickest turnaround times in the industry, ensuring you have the required components when you need them.

Working of Pump Repair Kits

Pump repair kits, specifically designed for different types of pumps, address common failure points within pump systems. Whether using a water pump rebuild kit or a pressure washer pump rebuild kit, they include seals, gaskets, bearings, O-rings, and other critical components that help replace the worn-out components in the existing pump. Replacing these components helps restore the pump's ability to maintain a tight seal, reduce friction, and ensure smooth operation, thus extending the life of your equipment.

Features of Pump Repair Kits

Pump rebuild kits or pump repair kits are essential for maintaining hydraulic, water or pressure systems, offering a practical solution to keep pumps running reliably and efficiently. Pump rebuild kits offer several benefits for maintenance and repair operations across various industries. These advantages include:

  • Cost Efficiency: One of the primary benefits of using a pump rebuild kit is the significant cost savings compared to purchasing a new pump. Pump repair kits allow you to replace only the worn or damaged components, extending the pump's life without the expense of a complete replacement.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: By regularly replacing worn parts before they fail, pump rebuild kits can significantly extend the operational lifespan of pumps. This preventive maintenance ensures that pumps continue to operate efficiently for extended periods, delaying the need for costly replacements.
  • Improved Pump Performance: Worn-out components can reduce a pump's efficiency and performance. Rebuild kits provide the parts necessary to restore pumps to their original operating specifications, improving overall performance and efficiency. This can lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.
  • Reduced Downtime: Equipment failure can result in unplanned downtime, affecting productivity and profitability. Using pump rebuild kits for easy replacement helps prevent unexpected failures by addressing issues before they lead to a breakdown, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Rebuilding a pump rather than replacing it subsidizes ecological sustainability by reducing waste. Reusing existing equipment and replacing only the necessary parts minimizes the disposal of functional machinery and the demand for new manufacturing materials.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Pump rebuild kits are often tailored to specific pump models and types, ensuring that all the components fit perfectly and work as intended. This customization allows for targeted repairs and maintenance, addressing the unique needs of each pump.
  • Ease of Maintenance: All the necessary parts in one kit simplifies maintenance. It eliminates the need to source individual components separately, saving time and ensuring all details are compatible with the serviced pump.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Regularly servicing pumps with rebuild kits can improve reliability by ensuring all components are in good working condition. This reliability is crucial in applications where pump failure can lead to significant operational disruptions or safety hazards.

Key Components of Pump Rebuild Kits

Here's a breakdown of the essential parts of pump rebuild kits offered at Cannon Water Technologies:

  • Seals: Mechanical seals prevent fluid from leaking from the pump casing. These seals can wear over time due to friction, leading to leaks and reduced efficiency. Rebuild kits typically include replacement seals to restore the pump's sealing capability.
  • Gaskets: Gaskets provide a tight seal between the pump's various sections, such as between the casing and the cover. They prevent leaks and ensure that the pump operates under optimal pressure conditions. Over time, gaskets can deteriorate or become compressed, necessitating their replacement.
  • O-Rings: O-Rings are used in various locations throughout a pump to seal interfaces and prevent leaks. They can be found in the seal housing, shafts, and connections between pump components. O-rings are made from elastomeric materials that can degrade, making replacements a standard part of pump rebuilds.
  • Bearings: Bearings support the rotating shaft of the pump, allowing it to spin smoothly and with minimal friction. Worn bearings can lead to shaft misalignment, increased conflict, and even pump failure. Rebuild kits often include new bearings to ensure the pump shaft operates smoothly.
  • Impellers: Some pump rebuild kits include replacement impellers, since wear or damage to the impeller can affect the pump's performance. The impeller is a critical component that moves fluid through the pump, and its efficiency can significantly impact overall pump efficiency.
  • Wear Plates: Wear plates or wear rings are included in some kits to restore the internal clearances within the pump. These components help maintain the pump's efficiency by reducing leaks back to the suction side of the pump.
  • Shaft Sleeves: Shaft sleeves protect the pump shaft from wear and corrosion, mainly where it passes through the seals. Replacing worn shaft sleeves can help extend the life of the pump shaft and seals.
  • Bushings and Spacers: These help maintain pump components' correct alignment and spacing, ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently.

Importance of Regular Maintenance of Pump Rebuild Kits

Regular maintenance is fundamental to extending the lifespan of pumps, ensuring they operate efficiently and reliably over their intended service life. Pumps are critical components in various applications from industrial processes and water treatment facilities to HVAC systems and agricultural irrigation. Their continuous and often strenuous operation can lead to wear and tear of mechanical parts, which, if addressed, can result in improved performance, lower energy consumption, and prevention of failure. Highlighting the importance of regular maintenance unveils several vital benefits.

  • Prevents Breakdowns: Regular maintenance helps identify and rectify minor issues before they escalate into major problems that can cause unexpected pump failures. Preventive checks and replacements of worn components can significantly reduce the likelihood of operational disruptions.
  • Enhances Efficiency: Over time, wear and tear on pump components like bearings, seals, and impellers can decrease efficiency. Regular maintenance ensures these parts are kept in optimal condition, which can improve the pump's performance and decrease energy consumption, leading to cost savings.
  • Extends Pump Lifespan: Regular maintenance can significantly extend the pump's lifespan by routinely replacing worn components and ensuring the pump operates within its design parameters. This avoids the premature need for expensive replacements and maximizes the return on investment.
  • Ensures Reliability: Pumps play a crucial role in maintaining operational continuity in many industries. Regular maintenance ensures that pumps remain functional, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent production or service delivery.
  • Protects against Corrosion and Wear: Pumps are often exposed to harsh conditions, including corrosive fluids, hot environments, and more. Maintenance routines include inspections and treatments that protect against corrosion and wear, preserving pump integrity.
  • Safeguards Against Environmental and Safety Hazards: Leaks or pump failures can pose significant environmental and safety risks, especially when handling hazardous or hot fluids. Maintenance helps ensure that seals and gaskets are intact, preventing leaks and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Optimizes Operational Costs: While regular maintenance involves some investment, the cost is often lower than the expenses associated with emergency repairs, energy inefficiency, and the total cost of premature pump replacement.

Choosing a Pump Rebuild Kit Over Purchasing a New Pump

Choosing a pump rebuild kit over purchasing a new pump offers several distinct advantages from a financial and environmental perspective. These benefits are particularly relevant today, where cost efficiency and sustainability are critical considerations for businesses.

Cost Savings

  • Immediate Expense: The initial cost of a rebuild kit is typically much lower than purchasing a new pump. This makes rebuild kits an attractive option for extending the life of existing equipment without the significant financial outlay required for a new unit.
  • Operational Costs: Rebuilding a pump can also lead to savings in operational costs. A well-maintained pump operates more efficiently, consumes less energy, and reduces utility costs over time.
  • Avoiding Downtime: Rebuilding a pump is often quicker than replacing it, especially if a new pump requires compatibility modifications to the existing system. This minimizes downtime, which can be costly in terms of lost productivity.

Environmental Considerations

  • Resource Efficiency: Rebuilding rather than replacing reduces the demand for new raw materials needed to manufacture a new pump. This contributes to resource conservation and efficient use of materials.
  • Waste Reduction: Rebuilding kits significantly reduce waste by repairing and reusing existing equipment. This prevents functional components from ending in landfills, aligning with circular economy principles and sustainability.
  • Energy Conservation: The manufacturing process of new pumps requires substantial energy. Repairing existing pumps conserves the energy that would otherwise be expended in producing and shipping new units.


Pump rebuild kits, including water pump and pressure washer pump rebuild kits, are versatile tools used across various industries.

  • Water Treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture

At Cannon Water Technology, we are committed to delivering quality products. This commitment has enabled us to partner with some of the most trusted brands in the industry. To learn more about our extensive collection of chemical metering pump parts and accessories, including our top-of-the-line pump rebuild kits, get in touch with us at csd@cannonwater.com or call us at 916-315-2691. Our team is ready to assist you with expert advice and solutions tailored to your needs.