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Raw water is naturally available contaminated water in the environment. It is often rainwater, well water, groundwater that get mixed with contaminants in the soil. Untreated contaminated natural water is known as raw water. Although it is natural water only, the long-term contamination of this raw water becomes one of the sources of pollution, growth of bacteria, and several illnesses. To prevent certain problems related to raw water, this water is treated and converted into potable water or water for plantation. However, no matter what type of outcome is needed, an efficient raw water treatment process is required. This raw water treatment process includes several processes such as filtration, sediment removal, reverse osmosis, and many more. Cannon Water Technology, Inc offers a wide variety of products that are suitable for raw water treatment. All our products are sourced from high-end manufacturers like Stenner, Sentinel, Watts, and many more.

Raw Water Treatment Solutions Offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc

Raw water consists of various contaminations such as dissolved minerals, humic substances, and salt, particles of clay and slits, and microbes such as bacteria, amoeba. All these contaminations are removed during the raw water treatment process. Since the removal of these contaminations requires various raw water filtration, purification, and sanitization processes, the equipment for the same also differs. To offer a complete raw water treatment system, Cannon Water Technology, Inc provides the following solutions/products.

  • Conventional Pre-Treatment: At the initial stage of the raw water treatment process, conventional pretreatment is performed. It includes the removal of solid contaminants by using the following processes.
  • Filtration: Water filtration is the first step in raw water treatment. To remove solid contamination from raw water, we at Cannon Water Technology, Inc offer cartridge filters. Coconut carbon block cartridge filters are absolutely suitable for reducing solid contamination from raw water. These replaceable cartridge filters can be used in raw water filtration systems.
  • Centrifugal Separation/ Sediment Removal: Raw water contains soil, sand clay, etc. This can be removed by sedimentation. To remove such sediments from raw water, we offer centrifugal separators. These centrifugal separators by Cannon Water Technology, Inc effectively separate the soil, clay, silt, stones, etc by centrifugal action.
  • Hard Water Treatment Solutions: Raw water consist of dissolved salts and minerals which causes hardness of the water. Hard water cannot be used for potent purposes or used for gardening. It isn’t even of much use for industrial applications. Therefore, hardness water treatments are essential. Water is softened by using the following solutions.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis is a micro-filtration technique. It is absolutely suitable for the removal of dissolved impurities like salts, minerals, chemicals, humic substances, etc. We offer reverse osmosis setups that can be used in advanced raw water filtration systems. Since reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane, it can be used as a bio-membrane filtration technique.
  • Ultrafiltration: Ultrafiltration is for removing minute contamination. For ultrafiltration, we offer activated charcoal and activated carbon filters. The use of these filters in raw water filtration systems ensures the removal of micro-contamination.
  • Disinfection: In order to disinfect raw water, we offer UV disinfection systems. This helps in the termination of bacterial growth.
  • Water Softeners: We offer chemical reagents to soften the water. These hardness reagents are mixed with water to reduce calcium, magnesium, etc from the water.

Why Choose Cannon Water Technology, Inc for Raw Water Treatment Solutions

Cannon Water Technology, Inc stands as one of the most prominent suppliers of raw water treatment solutions due to the following qualities.

  • We offer result-centric solutions for raw water treatment. Our solutions are ideal for overall raw water treatments. However, our products can be used to tackle individual problems.
  • We offer expert advice for the selection of appropriate solutions to treat raw water.

In case of any queries about our products and services, please feel free to contact us today. Our experts will be happy to assist you.