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The pulp and paper industry utilizes huge volumes of water as part of its manufacturing process, especially in bleaching and pulp preparation. In case of recycled paper pulp, there is a process to remove the existing ink, which generates a significant amount of wastewater. So, effluent treatment of water from paper industry is crucial before the water is recycled, reused, or disposed. So, both the factors- access to clean water for production processes as well as wastewater treatment- require sound solutions to prevent wastage, contamination, harm to the environment, and so on. Cannon Water Technology offers effective and efficient solutions for water treatment in pulp and paper industry. We offer purifying chemicals as well as equipment required for these processes. While we manufacture most of these products ourselves, we also source from some reputed brands such as Myron L, Stenner, and so on.

Types of Pulp and Paper Water Treatment Solutions Offered by Cannon Water

Wastewater treatment in paper and pulp industry is crucial in terms of regulatory compliances aside from the fact that it mitigates contamination risk. On the other hand, using clean water for production processes improves operational efficiency. We, at Cannon Water Technology, offer various solutions for paper mill effluent treatment plants, pulp and paper wastewater treatment, and so on.

  • Corrosion inhibitors: Paper production involves a number of chemical processes. Various sulfur compounds and thiols are used as part of the bleaching process. Also, certain chemicals and additives are added to the pulp to give the paper a fine white color. Certain byproducts are released during the chemical reactions. All this may corrode the process equipment after continued use although it designed to be resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Cannon Water offers corrosion inhibitors which are added to the water during the purification process as well as wastewater treatment. This safeguards the process equipment.
  • Centrifugal separators: Agitation of pulp and slurry are crucial parts of the production process. This process produces semi-solid matter and sediments that mix with products. The centrifugal separators help filter out these sediments and matter from the solution using centrifugal force. They are used for dewatering processes.
  • Water filters: The contaminants in wastewater depend on the raw material used to make that paper. This may include wood, sugarcanes stalks, straws, hemps, and so on. A significant amount of water is required to produce paper pulp. Contaminants in water as well as paper pulp materials need to be removed to get clean water for production, and hence raw water needs to be treated before use. This also depends upon the source of water supply. We offer various types of water filters to do this job. This include carbon filters which filter out the sediment, particulate matter, bacteria and some amount of sludge.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis has been widely used especially for softening hard water. It is an important part of the water purification process across industries, and the same applies to the paper and pulp industry. It eliminates contaminants mixed with water through a semi-permeable membrane. Large contaminant particles are retained on the pressurized membrane side and pure water flows through it.

Applications of Our Water Treatment Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Our pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment and water treatment solutions are applied in these areas:

  • Pulp preparation
  • Bleaching
  • Wastewater treatment before reuse or recycling
  • Water treatment after recycled paper pulp production
  • Raw water treatment for production
  • Dewatering
  • Cooling water and steam production

If you have any question regarding our pulp and paper industry water treatment, you can reach us on phone or email. Our highly resourceful and efficient team can offer you all the relevant assistance, and would be happy to help you.