Stenner has been a leading manufacturer of peristaltic metering pumps since 1957. These pumps are well-known for their easy-to-install designs, as well as long-term reliability, and are widely used in various industries. Cannon Water Technology, Inc., is a leading distributor of the pumps in California. We also stock replacement parts and accessories, as well as water treatment and metering solutions from Stenner.

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  • Stenner Econ Pump Head Cover EC355


    Stenner Econ Pump Head Cover EC355

    This pump cover is specific to the Econ series pumps and are not compatible with any other Stenner pump.This pump cover is a genuine Stenner replacement cover and not some lesser quality imitation.

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Stenner Product Offerings at Cannon Water Technology

The following are the popular Stenner products provided by us:

  • Peristaltic Metering Pumps: The pumps have simple designs, which help minimize complexity, as well as offer reliable performance in adverse conditions. These pumps are well-known for their dependable services, which help users reduce the service times, as well as expenses. We provide Stenner pumps in the 45/85 Series, 100/170 Series, and S Series, as well as SVP Series, M128 Series, and Econ Series.
  • Stenner Pump and Tank Systems: These systems are pre-assembled and shipped, which helps save time, effort, and money on installations. The tank system consists of a peristaltic pump, and a tank. It features any of these pumps - classic single head fixed, classic single head adjustable, the Econ pump line, and M128. The systems are available in three sizes, as well as 2 colors. You can select from sizes – 7.5 gallons (28.4 liters), 15 gallons (56.8 liters), and 30 gallons (113.6 liters).
  • Stenner Parts: These include a broad range of parts including accessory kits, gear case service kits, check valve parts, motor parts, and motor service kits. Also, we provide various types of Stenner pump control modules, pump heads and head parts, pump tubes, suction tubing, etc.
  • Stenner Mixers: The tank mixers from Stenner help keep a chemical suspended in a solution. We provide SMS Series mixer systems, which are designed for intermittent applications. These systems are available in various sizes like 7.5, 15, and 30 gallons, as well as 120V or 220V.
  • Stenner Proportional Injection Systems: These systems are designed for metering applications, which have varying system flow rates. We provide Stenner “ProFeed proportional injection system with single pump and dual pumps.

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect of our business. To help meet their needs, we stock water treatment and metering products from Stenner, and many other industry-leading brands. Our experts will help you select the right Stenner pumps and accessories for your applications. You can request a quote today to expedite the ordering process. We are always happy to serve you.