Gear and Positive Displacement Flowmeters

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    The Carlon CAR-LOGGER, offer real time display of flow meter data. The flow information is collected from any Carlon JSJ or Cold Water Tubine series meter, when equipped with our optical coupler, and  other contacting meters dependent on the dry...
    $836.00 - $946.00

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    Carlon’s Universal Remote, A31UR, provides a remote readout of the number of pulse contacts coming from an electric contacting water meter. The A31UR comes in a NEMA-4 box and a UV protected LCD display that can be exposed to the sun. The complete...

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Positive displacement flow meters are devices that measure flow rate of fluids with varied consistencies such as viscous, semi-solid, high density fluids, turbid ones, and more. These include oils and solvents, chemicals, wastewater, and more. Positive displacement gear flow meters are devices that measure flow rate and transfer specified amounts of fluids using a gear rotor. In oval gear flow meters, the gear rotors are oval in shape. The gears are enclosed within an enclosure or a housing of the right shape. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer various types positive displacement meters and oval gear flow meters. They have domestic as well as industrial and commercial applications.

Working of PD Flow Meters

A PD flow meter measure the flow rate by counting the number of preset or specific and isolated volumes of a given fluid which are transferred through the gears in the chamber or motor. Each batch of fluid is counted with the total number of pulses, which gives the batch size. The entire pulse train frequency gives the flow rate output.

Working of Displacement Gear Flow Meters

In case of oval gear flow meters, there are two oval shaped rotors. When the fluid passes through this flow meter, the flow rate and frequency are measured based on the rotation cycle of these gears in the chamber. There are contactless sensors which sense the rotary motion. Each gear tooth produces a pulse and hence very low volumes of fluids can be measured for accurate flow rate. The gears rotate because of the differential pressure of the fluid and hence pockets of specific volumes of fluid are formed between each gear and the enclosure. Each pocket forms a seal owing to the capillary action which locks the fluid inside. It helps measure the frequency and flow rate. This fluid is then entirely transferred downstream.

Beneficial Features of Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Here are some of the beneficial features of our positive displacement meters.

  • Our PD flow meters have miniature clearance portions between their precisely machined parts which facilitates removal or filtering of big particles, generally above 100 microns.
  • We offer them in various sizes, configurations, and capacities in terms of handling slurries and abrasive fluids. The size range for highly viscous or abrasive fluids varies from 0.25 inches to 12 inches.
  • Built of premium materials, our flow meters do not undergo wear and tear or experience reduced maximum operating flow rate due to maximum permissible pressure drop.
  • While our meters have some moving parts, they are low on maintenance and require minimal testing, repair, and recalibration.
  • Our positive displacement and oval gear flow meters are made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel which have a high temperature and corrosion resistance.
  • They can be used as standalone devices for flow rate measurement through pulsating or integrated with a temperature measurement system in an industrial process.
  • Oval gear flow meters are quite easy to install and suited for compact or hard to reach areas.

Applications of Displacement Gear Flow Meters

Sight flow indicators are used across industries where manual systems still exist. Here are some application areas:

If you are looking for positive displacement gear flow meters for your existing home or industrial applications, we can be your absolutely reliable partners. We at Cannon Water Technology can assist you from the selection process to installing the flow meter and beyond. While there is no doubt about the product quality, we also offer excellent customer service. We can assist you with the right flow meter depending on your application requirements such as viscosity limits, abrasion properties of fluids, and so on. If you have any questions regarding the gear and positive displacement flow meters we offer, we can answer all your technical and other related questions. In case of you want to enquire about these flow meters or share your requirements, you can reach us via phone or email.