Solar Power Supply

Solar energy for water and wastewater treatment has emerged as one of the critical priorities for businesses and individuals to achieve sustainability. As a result, many equipment such as solar-powered pumps, ultrafiltration systems, and pasteurization, distillation, and water treatment systems have gained popularity. This equipment harnesses the power of solar energy through solar power systems for performance. Being at the forefront of water treatment systems for a long time, we understand the power requirements of this industry. You can find one of the broadest collections of solar power supply system’s online at Cannon Water Technology. These solar power systems feature a rugged design to withstand environmental conditions.

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  • Solar Power System 50 Watt Solar Power System 12VDC, 50 Watt Panel with 35 Amp Hour Battery

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    Solar Power System 12VDC, 50 Watt Panel with 35 Amp Hour Battery

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    50 Watt, 12VDC Solar Power System with 1 35 Amp Hour Battery, Charge Controller, Polycarbonate NEMA 4X Enclosure, LED Lighting, Mounting Kit and Cables   Features Nominal 12V DC for standard output. 35 AH Battery, Sealed...
    MSRP: $1,499.00

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How is Water Treatment Performed Using Solar Energy?

Water and energy scarcity are two key challenges jeopardizing the sustainable development of our societies. Fresh water is a necessity for all living beings on earth. However, water scarcity is faced in many parts of the world. Almost every country on the earth is currently facing this problem, which has been accelerated due to rapid population expansion in these countries. Drying of water sources and contaminated water sources has aggravated this problem. Similarly, energy scarcity is also experienced across the world. In 2012, 13,371 million tons of oil equivalent (MTOE) of energy were consumed in the world. 81.7% of energy came from fossil fuels, followed by coal, bio waste, nuclear power, and so on.

Water is sourced from many non-traditional sources for drinking, sanitation, agriculture, and other uses to address water scarcity. The water from these sources is highly contaminated and contains several hard minerals, chemicals, microorganisms, and various disease-causing bacteria. Thus, this water requires intensive treatment, which cannot be achieved without a consistent power supply. Many areas where water is drawn from non-traditional sources are blessed with abundant solar energy. This allows users to achieve effective water treatment using solar power systems.

A typical solar power system comprises solar panels, solar cells, inverters, racking and mounting systems, and a performance monitoring system.

  • Solar panel, also known as a solar module, is a photovoltaic module that generates electricity.
  • Solar cells are photovoltaic cells that convert light into electrical energy.

Solar panels feature several photovoltaic cells that are connected electrically and packaged in glass for mechanical protection. The glass also provides electrical insulation. The modules are connected in an array for better performance. They are also connected with other components such as an electrical inverter and mounting frame. In addition, these modules may be connected with a charge controller and batteries for off-grid and electrical inverter for on-grid applications.

Beneficial Features of Solar Power Systems Offered by Cannon Water

Solar power systems offered by us have been in-demand. We can say that these power systems are nowadays part of several water treatment installations in the US. We believe the following features have contributed to their easy acceptance and popularity among clients.

  • We provide quality solar power systems with different voltages and amperages to meet your specific water treatment requirements.
  • These solar systems can be availed in 12V and 24V DC battery capacities.
  • We are one of the few companies offering 20 W and 24VDC modules for water treatment.
  • You can use these modules to power up 4-20mA loop-powered devices like level sensors, pressure transducers, flow meters, and metering pumps.
  • Considering the different voltage values, solar power systems offer low light performance to high light performance.
  • These solar power systems are ruggedly designed to withstand high wind pressure, hailstones, heavy rains, snowfalls, and so on.
  • They contain heavy-duty anodized frames made up of anodized or powder-coated aluminum for effective electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Our solar power systems are coated with transparent low-iron and transparent glasses that allows them for an aesthetic appearance.
  • Solar power system cells are laminated with TPT and EVA, ensuring longer life and maximum performance.
  • We offer solar power systems with required batteries, a charge controller, NEMA enclosure, mounting kit, and cable.
  • The most beneficial feature of these solar power systems is that they promote a healthy environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

At Cannon Water Technology, we believe in the quality of the products, and hence we strive to serve you the best we can. Be it solar power supply systems for water or wastewater treatment applications or any other equipment, and we strive our best to build products that offer users the best value for investment. These solar power supply systems are perfected over years of use. For more information on these systems or any other water and wastewater treatment systems, please feel free to contact us today.