Solar Powered Metering Pumps

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There is much emphasis laid on using renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, and so on. While many lighting systems on roads have been powered by solar, this source of energy has gained traction over the last few years for other appliances as well. Metering pumps are also run on solar, and this is a huge contribution towards creating a clean environment. Solar-powered metering pumps help reduce carbon footprint and offer many other benefits. Cannon Water Technology offers a variety of solar-powered metering pumps manufactured by reputed and certified brands. We also have our own product line, wherein we offer a variety of pumps and accessories.

An Overview of How Solar Water Pumping Works

While there is no doubt about using renewable sources of energy, solar is the best option among several of them such as wind turbines and hand pumps, when it comes to metering pumps. This is because the amount of light or speed of wind does not matter here. The energy produced on a sunny day is stored in a battery for use at night or in bad weather conditions. This is how a solar water pump works.

  • There are solar panels set up which have photovoltaic silicon cells which generate energy with the help of sunlight. This energy is stored in solar batteries.
  • A solar water pump uses this stored energy so it can work in any weather condition or low light. They use this power without any overheating issues. The speed of pumping or discharge is adjusted based on the application and the pump works based on the positive displacement principle. This is usually in the case of low to medium volumes. Centrifugal pumps may be used for high volumes.
  • Surface and submersible pumps can also draw fluids from wells or storage units by using solar energy in the same manner.
  • You can add a solar tracker which gauges the sun’s movement and subsequently the amount of light available at a given point in the day.
  • As mentioned, storage of this energy in solar batteries is an important aspect as the pump can use it when direct light is not available.

Benefits of Solar Powered Metering Pumps

Here are some obvious advantages of using metering pumps powered by solar energy.

  • A solar-powered pump is easy to install and use, and is low on maintenance and repairs.
  • It requires no connectivity to the grid and can function 24/7 in any environment.
  • It saves on cost, as there are no energy bills, and the investment you do for the setup becomes profitable in the long run.
  • It is environmentally friendly and saves carbon footprint.
  • It lasts for several years and hence is highly durable.

Applications of Solar Powered Metering Pumps

Here are some application areas of solar powered meter pumps:

  • Water and wastewater
  • Domestic water supply
  • Poultry farms and cattle sheds
  • Plant nurseries
  • Borewell

Cannon Water Technology offers various types of solar powered chemical pumps of reputed brands. We offer these pumps with distinct features so that you can choose the ones best suited for your application. We ensure there are absolutely no quality issues with any of the products we offer. However, with the kind of variety we offer, choosing the right type of metering pump could be challenging, and hence we assist you with the selection process if you require. Our experienced and skilled team can answer all your technical and other questions about these solar powered metering pumps. In case of any pricing-related, technical, or other specific questions you may have, you can reach us by phone or email.