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Safety is the most important aspect of the operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities. This is achieved using various types of water treatment and wastewater treatment safety equipment. Everything right from pressure to water flow to quality of water is measured using this equipment. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer a wide range of high-quality water treatment safety equipment that will ensure the protection of people and equipment at the facility during the operation. We offer various types of safety equipment that can be used according to the kind of application. These water safety products are sourced from trusted brands to ensure quality performance in challenging environments.

Types of Safety Equipment Offered by Cannon Water

We currently stock the following types of safety equipment for water and wastewater treatment.

  • Pressure Instruments: Pressure instruments are used to measure the fluid flow and its level in the pipe along with the pressure. These instruments are installed on the pumps, pipes, reservoirs, etc., of wastewater systems. This helps in maintaining safe industrial pressure levels and preventing equipment failure. Our selection features sensors, transmitters, and gauges, which are used for pressure measurement in various industries. 
  • Water Quality Monitoring Instruments: These instruments are used to check the quality of water and wastewater before releasing it into the environment. Water quality monitoring becomes important for regulatory compliance purposes. We provide inline water quality equipment, and filters are installed at various areas of the treatment plants to ensure water quality. 
  • Level Instruments: Level instruments are used for checking the level of gas or liquid in a pipe or tube. It is difficult to examine the level of a fluid in a pipe without a level instrument. Our selection features level transmitters, level radars, and so on. These level instruments offer consistent measurement of liquids.
  • Flow Instruments: Flow instruments are used for checking the amount of gas or liquid present in a pipe or tube. Flow instruments are installed in water and wastewater treatment plants to check the volume and mass of the water. The data offered by flow meters are used to trigger pumps, flow switches, or supply valves.

Importance of Safety Equipment in Water and Wastewater Treatment Industries

Safety is considered as the primary concern when it comes to any industrial or commercial application. This equipment offers additional security and safety to the workers involved in any tasks. For example, while working in wastewater plants, it is important to use water treatment protective equipment to eliminate any life-threatening situations. Following are the benefits of water rescue equipment:

  • As the name suggests, safety equipment provides complete protection from hazardous outcomes in water and wastewater industries. 
  • Increased water pressure can damage the water treatment and flow equipment. Measuring the water pressure and keeping it under control helps effectively. 
  • Increasing water levels in storage tanks used in the water and wastewater plants can be a concern. If the water is filled to alarming levels, then it may damage the tank and even create flood-like situations. 
  • Water quality is a concern for people using water as plant operators. This is measured using water quality equipment. 
  • Inconsistent water flow or fluid flow can affect the treatment plant operations in many ways. It may lead to an increase or decrease in water pressure or affect water delivery to homes. This can be easily managed using flow measurement devices.

Cannon Water never fails to deliver you the best quality products when it comes to safety equipment. We strive to serve you the best quality water treatment equipment for your industrial or commercial applications. The safety equipment that we offer are all sourced from trusted brands and included after much research and focused on market trends. If you have any queries regarding the safety equipment or any other product, then please feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be happy to assist you.