Glycol Feeders

The use of glycols - a colorless, odorless, non-toxic chemical - is widespread and common in closed loop systems. The feeder is designed to pump glycol solution continuously in order to maintain the desired pressure of fluid at all times. They control and regulate the flow rate of glycols in heating and cooling systems, and ensure that there is no risk of system overheating or freezing up.

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  • Advantage Controls Economy Glycol Feeder

    Advantage Controls

    Advantage Controls Economy Glycol Feeder

    Application: Advantage Controls EGF glycol feeders provide a compact wall mountable system for feeding and pressurizing small closed loops for snow and ice melt circuits, small boilers/chillers, solar and other heating/cooling coils.The unique tank...

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  • Neptune Economy Glycol Feed Systems


    Neptune Economy Glycol Feed Systems

    Neptune Glycol Feeders are perfect for adding glycol solution to closed-loop chilled or hot water systems. The system automatically maintains pressure in the loop by adding glycol solution to make up for losses that occur due to leakage. The system...

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  • JL Wingert GL50 Glycol Feeder

    JL Wingert Glycol Feeder

      JL Wingert Economy Glycol Feeder Model GL50   The JL Wingert Glycol Feeder is one of the first glycol feeders of it's kind having been installed in thousands of buildings. This glycol feed system is very reliable and built to the highest...

  • Neptune Glycol Feeder (G-50-1) Neptune Glycol Feeder (G-50-1)


    Neptune Glycol Feeder

    Neptune Glycol feeders are fully assembled and ready-to-go instruments that help feed glycol solution automatically to closed loop chilled or hot water systems. These factory engineered, compact, and self-contained systems maintain a consistent...

  • Gly-pak Industrial Glycol Feeder Digital Touchscreen Glycol Feeder


    Gly-pak Industrial Glycol Feeder

    Gly-pak Industrial Glycol Feed System The Gly-pak glycol feed system is used to automatically feed a glycol mixture into closed loop piping used in HVAC chill water and hot water recirculation systems. The glycol feeder is activated when it's...

At Cannon Water Technology, we offer the industry-best and high-performance glycol feeders with a large number of options to serve various purposes depending on the applications. We provide glycol feeders from prominent brands like J.L. Wingert, and Neptune, among others. Since the characteristics of the fluid and the operating conditions determine the type of feeder used for a particular application, we ensure to assist the customer during the selection process. With an array of glycol feeders for water cooling systems available for immediate shipping, we have earned a great deal of trust amongst customers across industries.

Operating Principle of Glycol feeders

Glycol feeders, which encompass a tank, temperature sensor, pump, valves and other accessories, are widely recognized for their simple operating mechanism. When the pressure falls below the set point, the pump begins to work until the set pressure point is reached and the target level is obtained. If your system has an optional audible alarm, the pump will shut off and the alarm will sound. The feeder's automatic shutdown valve closes when the glycol level reaches the predetermined limit.

Beneficial Features of Glycol Feeders

There are several benefits of using our Neptune or J.L. Wingert glycol feeder units on your heating and cooling system. One is that it makes your system more efficient. As they help ensure that the closed loop system has the right amount of glycol, businesses can save money by reducing maintenance costs and potential downtime.

Having a properly functioning glycol feeding system also enables seamless operation of an entire plant as well as improve the safety and efficiency of chilled water systems. A few key features of our J.L. Wingert and Neptune glycol feeders are:

  • Our models are constructed with materials including polyethylene, PVC, brass, cast iron, and 316 SS, which are proven to offer maintenance-free operation in challenging environments.
  • They are available with adjustable low and high set points to control the glycol addition.
  • They feature additional options such as audible alarm and push button silence.
  • These units are shipped fully piped and wired to ensure easy assembly and usage.
  • We provide the glycol feeder for water cooling system with features such as proven NEMA 4X control panel, simple set point control, low level pump cut-off, high flow feed pump, adjustable pressure switch, backflow check valve, and isolation valve.
  • They stand the test of time owing to their durable construction using bronze and stainless-steel wetted components.

Applications of Glycol Feeders

Our range of Neptune and J. L. Wingert glycol feeder units are perfectly crafted to ensure the performance and reliability of your systems by providing temperature and pressure control at process points. They are commonly used in:

  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Beverage bottling units
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food processing
  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Treatment plants

As glycol feeders ensure freeze prevention, they are more than just a piece of equipment to be installed on a plant floor, but are the integral part of your overall system design strategy. A good glycol feeder for water cooling system provides enough time for sufficient mixing, whilst guaranteeing easy installation and maintenance.

We at Cannon Water Technology are committed to offer you the best water treatment equipment. Explore the models we offer that incorporate several innovative features to meet the specific requirements of any closed loop system. Regardless of the application, there is a perfect glycol feeder unit to serve your purpose in our vast inventory. Talk to our expert today and know more about the models to suit your applications.

There are some QUESTIONS frequently ASKED by CUSTOMERS. The given below questions are answered by our experts.

  • What is a glycol feeder?

A glycol feeder is designed for the addition of propylene glycol solution to closed loop chilled or hot water systems.

  • How does a glycol feed system work?

A glycol feed system is a method of preventing frozen or blocked pipelines in cold weather conditions by circulating a mixture of water and glycol through the system. A Glycol Feeder automatically maintains pressure in the loop by adding glycol solution to make up for losses which occur due to leakage.

  • What is the main use of glycol?

It is most commonly used as antifreeze in automobiles, brake fluid, HVAC Systems, and some human-made fibers.

  • Is glycol harder to pump than water?

Propylene glycol/water mixtures have higher viscosity and density than 100% water solutions and will therefore cause higher pressure drops in the system.

  • Where are glycol feeders used?

Glycol feeder are designed for the addition of glycol solution to closed loop chilled or hot water systems. The system automatically maintains pressure in the loop by adding glycol solution to make up for losses which occur due to leakage.

  • What is glycol used for in industry?

Ethylene glycol is a chemical commonly used in many commercial and industrial applications including antifreeze and coolant.