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Walchem Fluent® is an innovative, cloud-based water treatment management software that extends the capabilities of Walchem controllers with Internet connectivity. This program is simple to set up and use, combining IoT, process automation, remote monitoring and control, and data visualization to let people do their jobs more efficiently, effectively, and exceptionally. Walchem Fluent® is poised to become a useful asset in managing your water treatment services.

Walchem Fluent Features:

Customer & Facility Management 

  • Customers and facilities are managed comprehensively to ensure that relevant information is available quickly.
  • Flag key customers and facilities to make it easier to arrange your workweek.

Process Monitoring and Control

  • You can access clients' real-time controller data from anywhere.
  • Use LiveConnect to make remote modifications to your controllers.

Data Management and Visualization

  • A configurable dashboard allows you to quickly assess crucial characteristics.
  • Alarms can be easily accessed and organized by priority level using the acknowledgment features.
  • Bookmark customers, facilities, and controllers to provide a more tailored dashboard experience.
  • Use interactive graphs to visualize recent and historical controller data patterns.
  • Compare graphs from multiple controller channels.
  • Access and export historical data as PDF and CSV files for reporting purposes.

Alarms and Custom Alarm Notifications

  • Manage workflow by alerting workers to activated alarms.
  • Customize the escalation procedure, including the first party to be contacted.
  • Notify two separate sets of users.
  • Manage alarm settings based on controller channel.
  • Set alert levels to swiftly discover critical concerns.
  • Receive summary alarm emails.

Team Management

  • Create Admin, Technician, and View-Only user roles.
  • Set custom visibility permissions to ensure that users only view the customers they need to see.

With its simple setup and robust administration features, Walchem Fluent® has the potential to become one of the most valuable resources for managing your water treatment services.