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Clean water is a necessity in many manufacturing facilities. However, water in its natural form contains several contaminants, which may affect the quality of manufacturing processes. However, achieving clean water is not an easy process, and it involves several pre-treatment and post-treatment steps.  During the pre-treatment, water is treated to remove all major contaminants. The pre-treatment helps improve operational efficiency, reduces chances of illnesses, and many times enables reclaim and recycle effluents. Most industrial manufacturing facilities release wastewater to the environment, which needs to be pre-treated to stay compliant with industry regulations. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide various water pre-treatment systems, which are designed to assure effective results. Some of these water pre-treatment systems are designed in-house, and some are sourced from industry-leading brands. This allows us to assure quality and effectiveness.

Different Steps Involved in Pre-Treatment

The goal of every pre-treatment process is to remove dissolved contaminants – whether it is from water entering the facility or wastewater released from the facility. Generally, the pre-treatment solutions are decided based on the evaluation of the type of contaminants present in water. The pre-treatment may involve the following or some additional processes.

  • Disinfecting water with chlorine
  • Removal of large particles using a coarse strainer
  • Hardness reduction and clarification using lime treatment
  • Adding scaling inhibitor to cooling and hot water systems
  • Removal of suspended particles using cartridge filters
  • Reduction of micro particulates using activated carbon filters
  • Filtering particles using media
  • Alkalinity reduction based on pH adjustment
  • Removal of oil particles from wastewater using emulsion breakers

Types of Water Pre-Treatment Offered by Cannon Water Technologies

Our selection features various types of water pre-treatment and filtration systems, which have been designed keeping the specific requirements of users in mind. The following are the popular pre-treatment systems offered by us.

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Reverse osmosis is usually preferred in industrial wastewater pretreatment owing to the high efficiency it assures. In an RO system, the water is usually forced through a semi-permeable filter at high pressure. The filter allows the water to pass through, but holds back the contaminants. Our RO filters can remove everything including dissolved minerals and salts, however, they cannot remove oxygen and hydrogen.
  • Ultrafiltration Systems: Although water may look clean and crystal clear from the outside. It may still retain some micro particulates. Ultrafiltration is a water treatment process, which uses a sheet membrane or hollow fiber to filter these particulates. Our selection features activated charcoal and carbon filters.
  • Cartridge Filters: These filters are widely used in industrial wastewater pre-water treatments. Industrial wastewater may comprise oil particles, metal chips, raw material residues, and so on. Our selection comprises coconut carbon black cartridges, carbon cartridge filters, and so on.
  • Centrifugal Separators: We provide centrifugal separators to remove bulk components and sludge before releasing them into the environment.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Wastewater pre-treatment is performed to produce water for secondary activities as washing equipment, cleaning, and so on. Water may contain metallic elements that accelerate the corrosion of equipment. Our chemical corrosion inhibitors are added to water to prevent leaching of copper or lead from the pipes.
  • Emulsion Breakers: Oil is a common byproduct in many industrial processes. Often drops of oil float over the water creating a layer. This layer leads to the flocculation of contaminant particles in water. We provide emulsion breakers to separate oil and water. These chemicals are proven to weaken the oil particles floating on water.

Applications That Utilize Cannon Water’s Pre-treatment Solutions

Our solutions are widely used for the removal of:

  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Grit
  • Clay and flocs causing turbidity
  • Metal particles
  • Suspended and dissolved solids
  • Microorganisms, viruses, protozoa, and bacteria
  • Synthetic chemicals

Being a water treatment specialist, we perfectly understand the water pre-treatment or your wastewater pre-treatment requirements. Our experts will work with you closely to understand your requirements before suggesting the solutions. This customer-centric approach has made us popular with our customers. You can get in touch with our team today to seek assistance in choosing the right water pre-treatment systems for your application. Our experts would be extremely happy to serve you.