Water Quality Meters

Getting clean, safe, and odor-free water for drinking and domestic purposes is a necessity for all. Irrespective of its sources, water, even in its purest form, can be acidic, neutral, or alkaline due to the different types of hydroxyl compounds, phenolic compounds, and other chemicals. Thus, it is important to test the quality of water irrespective of the sources such as well water, river water, and so on. This is where water treatment solutions like water quality meters help. Water quality meters are designed to offer precise measurements of pH level, ion-selective electrode (ISE), dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. Being one of the prominent distributors of water treatment solutions, Cannon Water Technology offers high-quality water quality testing meters at the most competitive prices. We have a wide inventory of portable, multiparameter water quality meters and test kits. These meters are proven to assure the highest level of accuracy and reliability. We guarantee the fastest deliveries on all our products.

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A Quick Overview of Water Quality Meters

Water quality meters play a vital role in several processing units. These mechanical devices can check water quality based on different parameters, and show reports on a display screen. This informative display can show water parameters with the temperature and other details in a single shot. Water quality testing equipment and test kits available at Cannon Water are well-known for their rugged construction. This makes them ideal for several challenging environments. Our water purity testers are affordable and convenient to use and maintain. They are portable and compact too.

Why Should You Invest in Water Quality Meters Offered by Cannon Water?

There are countless reasons to invest in our water quality meters. The following are some important ones:

  • Aside from periodic checks, if you experience any change in odor or taste of your water, irrespective of its sources, then it’s important to get a quality check done. Our device enables you to know the chemical parameters of water hardness, pH level, chemical oxygen demand, amount of dissolved oxygen, and much more.
  • The categories of water quality differ based on its uses, such as for human consumption, industrial and domestic use, and environmental. Our water purity testing meters can serve your purpose without compromising efficiency and accuracy.
  • Our devices not only determine these parameters but also raise an alarm if the levels are very high or low. Based on the test reports that show a high level of chemicals, bacteria, or any potential health concern, you must consult an experienced professional at the earliest.
  • You must have the appropriate equipment to perform the water quality test, which we can offer. We offer meters with the ability to check multiple parameters with the same device.
  • We collaborate with reliable, trustworthy top industry brands. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the product quality. We also have our own manufactured products.
  • We offer competitive pricing on all our products.
  • We offer fast shipping in the USA and anywhere across the globe. We also offer same-day shipping on assured in-stock products. This helps us stand out from our competitors.

Applications of Water Quality Meters

Water quality testing meters have gained immense traction and are used across industries. Here is the list of the most significant ones.

Are you planning to use water quality or purity testing meters? If that sounds yes, then undoubtedly, you are at the right place. At Cannon Water Technology, we specialize in offering quality and performance-driven water quality meters that check the quality of the water with respect to its suitability for a specific purpose. Our highly experienced team of experts assist you in the right selection by thoroughly understanding your application requirements. Also, they help you if you are worried about pricing or have some technical queries. To know more about the water quality testing instruments we offer, visit our website or contact us via phone or email given on the website.


Why is it important to measure water quality?

Measuring water quality is crucial for various reasons, including monitoring drinking water safety, assessing the health of aquatic ecosystems, evaluating industrial wastewater, conducting research, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

What parameters can a water quality meter measure?

Water quality meters can measure a range of parameters, including pH, temperature, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity, chlorine, ammonia, nitrate, and more, depending on the specific model and capabilities.

How does a water quality meter work?

The exact working principle can vary depending on the parameter being measured. However, most water quality meters utilize sensors and electrodes to detect and quantify a specific parameter. The meter then provides a digital readout or data output for analysis.

How accurate are water quality meters?

The accuracy of water quality meters can vary depending on the model and the parameter being measured. It's essential to select a reliable meter from reputable manufacturers and periodically calibrate and maintain the device according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

How often should water quality meters be calibrated?

Calibration frequency depends on the specific meter and the manufacturer's recommendations. Typically, it's advisable to calibrate water quality meters regularly, either before each use or at regular intervals, to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.