Chemical Resistant Tubing

Plastic tubes have been widely used for application across industries owing the benefits they offer. Plastic tubing for chemicals offers both - flexibility and strength. Depending upon the type of plastic, the required bent can be achieved. Also, it is designed to be resistant to chemicals, abrasive substances, acids, chlorine, solvent and so on as most plastics are not reactive unlike metals. Cannon Water provides various types of such chemical resistant tubing for harsh environments, high temperatures, moisture, and other external physical parameters. We also offer special FDA-approved tubes for the food processing sector which helps avoid hand contact and any kind of contamination.

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Types of Chemical Resistant Tubing We Offer

Here are some varieties of chemical resistant tubing we offer:

  • Polyethylene (PE) Tubing: Often referred to as PE tubing, this type of tubing is flexible, durable, lightweight, and resistant to heat and corrosion. It is widely used in fluid and gas transfer applications. It comes in various bright colors and inhibits the entry of outside fluids, moisture, or gases inside the tube. Additionally, it is resistant to puncture and cracking.
  • Pickup Tube: As the name implies, this type of tube is used to pick up solutions or fluids for pumping. This is commonly made of PVC and works based on the suction principle or application of light pressure to pick up the required material. It is also used to pick up tennis balls.
  • Pump Tube: Made of Fluro Viton material, this tube is designed for transferring harsh chemicals, corrosive substances, and acids and find applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturers have to comply with the required FDA pharma standards to make this tube type. These are robust and offer excellent resistance to corrosion and harsh chemicals.
  • FDA-approved Tube: These are mostly made of polyethylene with a high molecular weight resin. They usually come in opaque colors. They comply with FDA and NSF-51 as well as NSF-61 requirements pertaining to food processing and water purification applications. You can use this outdoor as well because they have a UV inhibitor fitted. You can use this tube with appropriate tube support.

Applications of Chemical Resistant Tubing Offered by Cannon Water Technologies

Our chemical resistant tubing are typically used to transfer various chemicals and other harsh solutions and gases in an industrial facility. It finds applications in the following areas:

  • Chemicals
  • Oil & gas
  • Food and beverages
  • Water and wastewater
  • Petroleum
  • Pharmaceutical

With our extremely resourceful team being there, we can always assure of the product quality and assist you in the right selection of tubing. In case of any further questions regarding our plastic or PVC chemical resistant tubing, you can reach us on phone or email.