Chemical Delivery Systems

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Several industrial units require a supply of a variety of chemicals for their production and manufacturing processes. This may be intermittent dosing or continuous. Chemicals which are hazardous or corrosive need to be stored securely, and delivered at the right time to the required process in specified concentrations and mixtures. This is where chemical delivery systems make a significant difference. Also named chemical dispense system, they can store the chemicals, which are corrosive or hazardous, and deliver to the required process. When integrated with industrial processes, they allow safe operation with accurate chemical dosage and quick swapping from one chemical to another. Today, there are many brands offering chemical dispense systems. However, not all have the required quality, especially corrosion resistance and robust design. These systems reduce the possibility of spills and several operator errors. Being one of the industry-leading suppliers of chemical solutions and chemical handling equipment, Cannon Water Technology offers superior quality chemical delivery systems for commercial and industrial applications. We offer these systems based on the process involved, the volume of chemicals used, and much more.

Beneficial Features of Chemical Delivery Systems

Chemical delivery systems are used to handle chemicals in bulk quantities, store them safely and conveniently, dispose them precisely, and neutralize them when required. This is exactly what our chemical delivery systems do. Additionally, these systems offer fast chemical change and other important control options. The following are some other important features of our chemical delivery systems.

  • Our fluid handling system is recognized for improving the performance of the manufacturing line by increasing overall throughput and producing the desired output. The system accomplishes this by minimizing manual intervention.
  • Storage near industrial processes is limited. However, enough storage space is required for frequent container changes. Our systems continue to operate with adequate integrated space while the chemical containers are being changed.
  • These systems are precise when it comes to mixing and delivering of chemicals to the point of use. They can handle, store, and deliver chemicals safely.
  • Our chemical delivery systems are engineered using high-quality materials, which makes them rugged and durable for several challenging environments.
  • We assure quick turnaround times and on-time shipments on all in-stock products.

Applications of Chemical Delivery Systems

The beneficial features of our fluid handling systems have immensely contributed to their popularity. Owing to this, they find applications across industries demanding precise fluid handling. The following are some important application areas where these systems are used. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Fume hoods
  • Plating stations
  • Tech benches
  • Acid exhaust hoods
  • Wet processing stations
  • Precision cleaning stations

Are you interested in buying solid chemical delivery systems for your forthcoming industrial applications? If that sounds yes, then you are at the right place. We, at Cannon Water Technology, specialize in offering unmatched quality chemical delivery systems at the most competitive prices. The chemical delivery system is our catalog product. Still confused? We can help you. Our highly skilled and experienced team of experts assist you in the selection process after thoroughly understanding your application requirements. They answer your queries regarding technical specifications as well as pricing. Would you like to know more about the chemical delivery systems we offer? Do visit our website or contact us via phone or email. Stay connected to know more about our latest events and upcoming products.