Chemical Processing

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The chemical process industry is one of the fastest-growing and most complex industry sectors. It features manufacturing facilities where products and byproducts result from chemical reactions. These byproducts contaminate the wastewater. The Clean Water Act prohibits discharging pollutants into the water source. To avoid this, generally, the wastewater is processed before releasing to nature. Cannon Water Technology provides various types of solutions for the chemical processing industry. These water treatment solutions for the chemical processing industry are sourced from industry-leading brands.

Solutions Offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc for Water Treatment in Chemical Processing Industry

When it comes to treating wastewater from the chemical industries, the process includes several steps such as filtration, chemical removal, odor removal, etc. The following are a few products offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc that are useful in water treatment in the chemical processing industry.

  • Water Filters: Filtration is one of the primary steps in wastewater treatment. To achieve this, Cannon Water Technology, Inc offers cartridge filters, sediment filters, separators, etc. However, since in the chemical processing industry the wastewater consists of a higher amount of dissolved chemical contaminants, only water filtration may not suffice. Although, for fine particle filtration, we offer carbon filters and reverse osmosis systems for the removal of chemical contamination.  
  • UV Disinfection Systems: We offer UV disinfection systems for the chemical processing industries. This system also helps in water sanitization, odor removal, and foul taste reduction to some extent.
  • Emulsion Breakers: Emulsion breakers are the chemicals used for separating oil from water. During various industrial procedures, lubricants, chemical emulsions, and oil are released into wastewater. During filtration, if oil and lubricants are mixed with water, the filtration media may suffer clogging. To prevent clogging, emulsion breakers are used for pre-treatment of the wastewater. Emulsion breakers are also known as demulsifiers.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Corrosion inhibitors are chemical compounds that are mixed with water before using them for industrial operations. These chemicals prevent corrosion of the equipment by preventing oxidation on the material surface. We offer corrosion inhibitors that are suitable for use with recycled industrial water.

Benefits of Water Treatment Solutions for Chemical Processing Industry

The benefits of adopting Cannon Water Technology, Inc’s water treatment solutions for the chemical processing industry are listed below.

  • Adopting wastewater treatment solutions in the chemical processing industries allows the recycling and reuse of water. Recycling industrial water reduces the cost of freshwater treatment.
  • Our water treatment solutions for the chemical industry are developed to help users to achieve operational efficiency, improve their product quality and yield, mitigate business risks, and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • These wastewater treatment solutions can be used in combination to achieve the production requirements of our clients.
  • Most of our solutions comply with the client’s effluent characteristics including pH or temperature, hazardous effects, organic/inorganic load, and so on.

At Cannon Water Technology, we have followed a customer-centric approach for a long time. We believe in delivering what our customers want rather than providing what we want. This is why we are one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing water treatment solutions for the chemical processing industry. Feel free to get in touch with our team to know more about wastewater treatment solutions for the chemical processing industry. In case of any queries, contact our experts, we will be happy to assist you.