Biocide Feeder Accessories

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Biocide is a chemical substance used to control the growth of harmful organisms. These chemicals are usually introduced into water systems using different types of feeders. Cannon Water Technology offers essential biocide accessories like flow meters, valves, O-rings, etc., for the Biomate and Economate series of biocide tablet feeders. These accessories are available in our ready-to-ship inventory, and we can ship them as required. They would help you avoid downtimes of your biocide feeders. 

Different Biocide Accessories Offered by Cannon Water

At Cannon Water Technology, we offer the following biocide accessories:

  • Flow MetersWe provide flow meters for biocide feeders in 75 and 1-inch sizes. Among these, the 75-inch model has a 0-10 GPM range, and the 1-inch size flow meter comes with a range of 0-20 GPM. These flow meters come with shatter-resistant construction with direct reading scales and easy to install vertical connections. In addition, the maximum operating temperature of our biocide flow meters is 130 °F, and the maximum operating pressure is up to 150 pounds per square inch.
  • Pressure Relief ValvesThese valves are used to discharge the fluid until the pressure drops to the intended levels. These pressure relief valves possess a thermoplastic diagram that protects the fluid from overpressure.
  • Biomate/Economate Valve Packages: Our Biomate and Economate valve packages contain all essential components, like caps, valves, unions, etc. All valves are made of high-quality PVC. The Biomate valves are coded with colors to eliminate any confusion.
  • O-ring for Bio-cover/Eco-cover: These O-rings are made up of high-quality rubber material that gives a tight seal to biocide feeders. 
  • Replacement PVC Covers: We provide replacement PVC covers for both Biomate 2000 and Economate biocide feeders. In case the feeder cover gets damaged, you can use these PVC covers with silicone lubrication to bring your Economate or Biomate feeder to its working condition.
  • Universal Fill Funnels: Our Vector Industries universal fill funnel for biocide feeders are available in a large size of 11 inches. This funnel works for both Biomate 2000 and Economate series.

At Cannon Water Technology, we strive to serve you with the best quality equipment for water and wastewater applications. All accessories listed here are backed with a one-year replacement guarantee you can rely upon. If you come up with any queries regarding the biocide accessories offered by us or any other products, please feel free to get in touch. Additionally, you can reach out to us via call or email. Our customer support team is always here to help you and guide you in choosing the best product for your industrial or commercial applications.