Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling towers work on the principle of heat exchange. They cool gallons of hot water by removing heat from it and returning the cooled water to the process equipment. Cooling towers are used for cooling large quantities of water in industrial facilities. To ensure the water is pure, it is treated with certain chemicals. This is because if contaminated or hard water is directly cooled, it may affect the pump components and hardware of the cooling tower system, thereby leading to their damage in the long run. This is where cooling tower water treatment chemicals gain prominence.

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  • DTEA II SR Plus SC-100 Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment, One Tablet


    DTEA II SR Plus SC-100 Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment, One Tablet

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    AMSA DTEA II - Slow Release Tablets SC-100, 100 gram tablets.  Cooling Water Solution In A Tablet New solid, slow-release formulations provide all the benefits of DTEA II in a convenient form for cooling towers, closed loops, humidifier and air...
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  • CW409 Cooling Tower Treatment

    Cannon Water Technology Inc.

    CW409 Cooling Tower Treatment

    $138.60 - $1,092.00
    CW409 Cooling Tower Treatment Product Description Concentrated: 7.5 ounces treats 1000 gallons of cooling tower makeup water at 3-cycles of mineral concentration. Can be tested in less than 30-seconds with a simple test kit. Contains a powerful blend of...
    $138.60 - $1,092.00

  • CW509 Maximum Cycle Cooling Tower Treatment

    Cannon Water Technology Inc.

    CW509 Maximum Cycle Cooling Tower Treatment

    $129.15 - $869.75
    CW509 Maximum Cycle Cooling Tower Treatment Safe - Highly Concentrated - Corrosion/Scale Control for Cooling Towers Product Description Super concentrated: 2.5 ounces treats 1000 gallons of cooling tower makeup water at 3-cycles of mineral concentration...
    $129.15 - $869.75

At Cannon Water Technology, we offer cooling water treatment chemicals in the right formulations. We ensure they are there in our stock as they have a high demand across industries. We source them from leading brands such as AMSA.

How Does a Cooling Tower Work?

Cooling water is used in HVAC systems and different industrial applications for cooling purposes. The tower features coolant like falling water, which absorbs the heat that enters the tower from the sides. Some portion of the water evaporates during heat transfer. This evaporated water flows out of the cooling tower in the form of mist. The cooled water that remains behind gets collected at the bottom of the tower. This water is pumped for reusing in the industry or plant.

Overview of Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment

Chemicals for cooling towers and HVAC systems not only ensure good water quality but also keep the towers clean and increase their functional efficiency. This helps prevent algal and bacterial growth, foul smell, corrosion of the walls and lining, and more. This largely depends on the types of chemicals you choose as some of them are biocides, while others are bicarbonates or corrosion inhibitors. You can opt for these chemicals in the form of liquid as well as tablet depending on your requirement.

The water flows through the cooling tower at controlled speed for maximum possible exposure to air. The air exchange allows absorption of heat from the sides. Some portion of the water evaporates during heat transfer. This evaporated water flows out of the cooling tower in the form of mist. The cooled water that remains behind gets collected at the bottom of the tower. This water is pumped back for reuse in the industry or plant.

What Are Some Popular Chemicals Used for Cooling Water Treatment?

An effective cooling tower water treatment program may feature several chemicals. The following are a few common chemicals used for the purpose.

  • Scaling and Corrosion Inhibitors: Scaling is one of the common concerns for cooling tower operators. Water may contain different types of hard minerals. When it evaporates, these minerals sink to the bottom of the tower and start concentrating there. This concentration causes scaling, which may cause permanent damage to cooling towers if ignored for a long time. The water is pre-treated before sending it to the cooling tower.

Corrosion is also a big concern for process plants and HVAC installations where cooling water towers may be installed. This weakens the structure of the tower and leads to metal loss. Anodic or cathodic inhibitors are used to minimize corrosion. These inhibitors produce a thin layer of coating on the surface metal surface. This layer protects the minerals from depositing at the bottom or sides of the tower and prevents corrosion.

  • pH Adjusters: pH value of water is maintained at 7 in cooling towers. Any increase or decrease in pH values creates acidic or alkaline water. This acidic water will damage the tower parts during circulation.
  • Algaecides and Biocides: Stagnant water always serves as the breeding ground for the growth of several microorganisms and algae. Biocides and algaecides are dosed into the tower to prevent the growth of organisms and algae.

How to Use Our Chemicals for Cooling Towers?

We offer some of these chemicals in the form of a tablet comprising slow-release formulations, which gradually dissolve in water. This tablet form is suitable for all types and sizes of cooling towers as well as, HVAC systems, drain lines, sump basins, and more. This tablet suffices the purpose of most chemicals as it works as a corrosion inhibitor, dispersant, bacterial growth inhibitor, and so on. This tablet saves energy consumed in carrying the water upward to the towers thus making it cost effective and convenient. We also offer formulated chemicals in liquid form in cans. The quantity to be used and other details are mentioned on the pack.

Beneficial Features of Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Here are some of the beneficial features of our chemicals for cooling towers.

  • While we offer chemical formulations in liquid form, the tablet form we offer serves multiple purposes and is easy to use. It can be applied to small and mid-sized cooling towers, HVAC systems, and more.
  • These tablets are cost effective, save on energy consumption, and eliminate the hazards of excess chemical exposure.
  • We offer each individual tablet in plastic packaging, along with a mesh bag to hang it along the water flow path.
  • These tablets eliminate the need for chemical injection equipment and prevents spills.
  • Depending on the water temperature, volume, and other parameters, a single tablet lasts for about three to four weeks.
  • Depending on the type of chemical you choose, it effectively mitigates, corrosion, microbial growth, contamination, scaling, and so on in the cooling tower.
  • We strive to have these in stock and offer fast turnaround times.
  • We can customize the formulation to suit your specific requirement.

Applications of Our Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling towers are used in various industrial facilities. We regularly supply chemicals to our clients who have installed cooling towers in their facilities. We take pride in our happy and satisfied clients who have used these water treatment chemicals for several years. Our client list features some of the leading:

  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Food processing plants
  • Natural gas processing plants

Cannon Water Technology has a vast experience in water treatment technologies and has been offering cooling water treatment systems for several years now. We stock products from some of the most popular brands, which allows us to offer a competitive advantage to our clients. We provide tailored solutions to meet our client’s typical requirements and needs. These solutions often include advanced products that are proven to perform, sustain, and offer more benefits than several other products. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your cooling tower water cleaning chemical requirements. Our experts will answer all your queries and help you choose the right product for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment

Here are some FAQs and their answers about cooling water treatment chemicals.

  • What is the importance of cooling tower water cleaning?           

Using these chemicals is essential to prevent scaling, corrosion, contamination, or any other issue in the cooling tower. If there is scale buildup, it may clog the pipes of the tower, the walls and lining of the tower may corrode, and all these aspects may lead to decreased efficiency in heat transfer. Hence periodic cleaning with these chemicals is essential.

  • What type of chemicals used in cooling tower water treatment?

There is a variety of chemicals used in right formulations, such as pH adjusting chemicals, dispersants to prevent particulate matter, scale inhibitors to contain the heavy metals that come in hard water, and so on. There are oxidizing agents like chlorine or ozone for disinfection and sanitization. There are corrosion inhibitors that bind with and deactivate heavy metal ions that are corrosive. Also, there are anti-foaming agents that reduce the proportion of surfactants that cause foam.

  • How do different cooling tower cleaning chemicals work?

Cooling tower cleaning chemicals work differently. For instance, dispersants prevent agglomeration of chemicals; corrosion inhibitors form a protective layer over the surfaces of equipment and scale inhibitors inhibit crystallization of minerals.

  • Are your chemicals for cooling towers safe for humans and environment?

Yes, they are safe for humans and environment. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while handling them.

  • How are cooling tower water treatment chemicals used?

Cooling water treatment chemicals can be applied in various ways. They can be applied manually or through automated systems depending on the formulation.

  • How to choose the cooling tower water treatment chemicals for your application?

There are several considerations to be made when choosing cooling tower water treatment chemicals for your application. The type of cooling water system, quality of water, operational conditions, and so on are a few considerations to be made.