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Hard water or ground water comes with heavy metals such as iron and manganese. Although our body needs these minerals, they need to be removed from water because of their excessive amounts. Else, this water is unfit to drink or use. It not only affects our health but also pipes, faucets, utensils, and so on as it causes scaling and buildup of rust layers. These rust layers need to be removed from water pipes and faucets to make the water free of odor and flavor. This rusting also disintegrates pipes and other hardware, thereby necessitating quick replacements. Cannon Water Technologies offers various solutions to remove manganese and iron in water.

Reasons for the Presence of Iron, Manganese, and Other Heavy Metals in Water

The presence of excess iron in water creates a sort of metallic taste in your mouth. Also the stained and rusted water pipelines and related fixtures add a certain odor and color as well. The water appears rust orange or yellowish. Without any doubt, it is unsafe to use or drink, and hence we need to remove rust from drinking water. We, at, Cannon Water Technology, Inc. offer customized solutions to remove iron from well water, drinking water, water for domestic usage, and so on. This helps make your water clean, potable, and free of odor, weird taste, and color. Here are some reasons for the accumulation of heavy metals in water.

  • All these metals are naturally present in ground water or well water. This is because when rain water percolates through the rocks down the hills and mountains or even slopes it carries with it the metals present in soil.
  • Some of these including iron get dissolved in water while others are insoluble. This depends upon the forms or compounds they are present in.
  • Normally, if iron is present in a given sample, manganese in water would also be there.
  • The reddish or brownish color the water gets is due to insoluble or ferric iron which is quite common in well water as iron is exposed to oxygen. Soluble or ferrous iron does not lend a dark color to water.
  • This insoluble or oxidized iron forms rust buildups on sinks, washrooms, utensils, and so on.
  • Aside from this, there could be chlorine and various types of bacteria present in water which need to be removed as well.
  • The presence of bacteria in excess amounts changes the physical consistency of water making it either slimy or turbid. These bacteria may pose health risks.
  • Also, it is difficult to digest water with such huge amounts of heavy metals as they can be hard on your stomach.

Solutions Offered by Cannon Water Technology to Remove Rust from Water

It is already known that we need minerals like iron in certain quantities to survive. However, according to the standards set by USEPA, the MCL or maximum contaminant level in water is 0.3 ppm or 0.3 mg of the metal such as iron in 1 liter of water. If the concentration of iron crosses 0.3ppm, it becomes unfit for consumption and starts to form scaling on utensils, sinks, faucets, pipes, and so on, which is why we need to remove iron from water. How to remove rust from water pipes? First, it is essential to test the water to detect the concentration of metals in water and then a solution can be offered accordingly. Typically, water softeners and conditioners are widely used. Well, here are the solutions offered by Cannon Water Technologies:

  • Water Sampling: Sampling is essential to test the water, and taking it in right amount is key. Also, collecting the sample without touching your hand or keeping it free from external contamination is essential to get the right output. Long handled dippers come handy here. Their design makes it easy to collect the water from any source right from a stream to a storage tank. They have a sample cup which is available in various sizes.
  • Bore Cleaning Solutions: We offer well cleaners to reduce the amount of iron in well water. This helps reduce the quantity or iron and along with it bacterial growth, slime, rust, scales, and so on. It improves the color, appearance, and consistency of water.
  • Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis: The usual water filters do not remove heavy metals from water although they may eliminate some bacteria. So, reverse osmosis is required which has an inlet and an outlet. The inlet gets the water from the tap, while the impure water with heavy metals is passed out of the outlet. It has a semi-permeable membrane wherein particulate matter, germs, and so on are stuck and eliminated.
  • Water Cleaner and Sanitizers: We offer water cleaning chemical solutions of various reputed brands, all of which are approved by USDA. They usually come in pump bottles and the amount of the solution required based on the water quantity is mentioned by the manufacturer. These iron cleaning solutions are usually used in boilers, cooling towers, and water heaters and coolers to remove rust.

To further know the details of removing rust from water, you can contact us and we would be happy to help you. For more information about Cannon Water Technology, Inc.’s rust removal solutions, reach us at or call us at 916-315-2691.