Lift Stations For Corrosive Liquids

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Serfilco chemical waste collection and lift stations

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Chemical waste is hazardous and can become extremely corrosive. The Serfilco acid waste lift station has been designed with hazardous chemicals in mind. All of the wetted components have been selected for there long life and durability in the presence of caustic and acidic chemicals. Chemical rated vertical lift pumps are used to discharge the collection chamber whenever the system becomes full. Automatic level controls are used to activate pumps creating a fully automated chemical waste collection and pumping system. Systems can be sized and configured for a wide range of applications. 

Chemical Waste Lift Station Applications: 

  • Waste Water Treatment Lift Station
  • Acid Neutralization Lift Station
  • Plating Rinse Water Collection System
  • Photographic & Laboratory Solutions Waste Collection
  • Chemical Waste Collection System

Features of the Serfilco acid waste collection system: 

  • Compact design, many tank sizes to choose from
  • Corrosion resistant CPVC pump and HDPE tank construction
  • Automatic pump control based on corrosion resistant level sensors
  • Maintenance free pumps, run dry seal-less design, no bearings to wear out, cantilever shaft
  • Simplex or Duplex pump configurations
  • Flow rates up to 120 GPM and 71 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz
  • Temperature range up to 140F

Optional Equipment:

  • Custom system designed to your specifications
  • Self priming horizontal centrifugal pumps
  • Filter chamber on pump discharge
  • pH and ORP sensor integration for automatic neutralization applications
  • Audible and visual alarm panel with press to silence button
  • Wireless alarm panel for remote notification
  • Double containment basin for spill containment compliance 



Chemical waste collection and acid waste pumping stations are designed with industrial duty corrosion resistant Serfilco 'E', 'EO' and 'EH' series vertical lift pumps pumps.
These chemical watte lift station are offered in a variety of capacities and all feature bearing-free pumps as standard. They offer the most efficient, economical and reliable means of collecting and transferring corrosive or hazardous chemical wastes that need to be held for neutralization or batch transfer to a hazardous chemical storage container or for application where discharge to sewer are not allowed.
The Serfilco pumping station systems are conveniently packaged to fit under most lab sinks, into photo processing systems or alongside production machines. Pump suction extension will empty collection tank to within a 1/2" of the tank bottom. When the optional suction strainer is used, the minimum level is 4" above the collection tank bottom. Chemical collection and acid waste pumping stations can also serve as a replacement sump to existing leaking or otherwise inadequate sump pits. If installed in an existing pit/tank, it would provide double containment should a leak or overflow occur. 


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Customized System With Filter Chamber On Pump Discharge

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