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Various industrial processes produce heat and hence the water used as part of the process also heats up. To cool this water, it is passed through the pipelines of a cooling tower. Here air and water come in contact with each other and heat exchange takes place, owing to which some water evaporates, and the temperature of the water drops. Aside from industries, this is also applicable for HVAC systems. However, cooling towers need periodic maintenance and cleaning as it is exposed to water with various impurities, chemicals, and so on. Cannon Water Technology provides cooling tower water treatment solutions to players in the manufacturing industry as well as the HVAC segment. Our team works closely with clients to design the most suitable cooling tower water treatment chemicals, which increase the efficiency of cooling towers.

Types of Chemical Water Treatment Cooling Towers Offered by Cannon Water

Be it water released from HVAC systems or manufacturing units, the composition of water would always vary, and so would the chemical dosing system for cooling towers. At Cannon Water, we offer various chemicals used in cooling tower water treatment. Here are some of our solutions which we customize for each client because there is no one solution that will suit everyone.

  • Ultrafiltration: This is an effective pre-filtration utilized before applying reverse osmosis. These are usually charcoal or carbon filters which eliminate impurities such sediments, particulate matter, algae, bacteria, and so on through chemical adsorption.
  • Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals: This chemical comes in a concentrated form, of which a few ounces can be used to treat several gallons of water. This contains the right formulation of organic phosphonates with polymeric dispersants or crystal modifying compounds, and does not have any heavy metals. This is safe and simple to use and can be easily disposed into a sanitary sewer. Even without any acid, this solution is effective in remove scaling which occurs due to hard water. It also helps maintain the cooling system temperature, and is suitable for recirculation as well.
  • Cooling Tower Tablets: We offer slow release 100 gm tablets to cooling tower treatment. This formulation is suitable for small and medium towers, which require minimal supervision and control. The tablet gradually dissolves in water and lasts for about four weeks depending on the type of water. This is easy to use and handy as you don’t have to carry several cans of liquid chemicals to the cooling tower.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Water coming through various sources is different in terms of chemical composition, hardness, pH, humidity factor, temperature, and so on. So, the level of corrosion would vary, and this largely depends on how you maintain it. We offer corrosion inhibiting chemicals which when mixed with water in the required quantity prevent corrosion and scale buildup.
  • Cooling Tower Controller: This is a conductivity meter with a microprocessor. This is an easy-to-use device which helps control the functioning and activity of the cooling tower. This comes with a big graphical display screen and a simple four-button interface. This has a battery backup and a dry contact alarm feature.                                                          

Get in touch with our team at Cannon Water Technology to discuss your requirements for cooling tower chemical treatment, developing corrosion resistance, cooling tower water filtration, and all other questions you may have regarding your cooling tower applications. Our team of experts will answer your technical questions and help you decide on the right chemical treatment. Feel free to reach us on phone or email for any relevant questions or enquiries.