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Cooling towers use water for various processes. It is essential to maintain the quality of water to keep the cooling tower free from corrosion, contamination, and so on. There are specialized water treatment kits for cooling tower maintenance. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer various types cooling water test kits which enable the water to remain clean also get accurate readings in case of any measurements of water parameters. These kits are handy and easy to use, and help check the levels or presence of scaling chemicals, bacterial contamination, corrosive chemicals, and more.

What Does a Cooling Water Test Kit Comprise?

The contents of a water testing kit largely depend on the parameters you want to test, such as pH, hardness, chlorine content, TDS, chemicals, and so on, and these can be customized as well. A kit offers solutions to check multiple parameters with their ranges mentioned. These include reagent solutions to measure various parameters, such as chlorine, bromine, pH, TDS, conductivity, temperature, heavy metals, phosphonate, and so on. Aside from this, a kit contains test bottles and tubes, syringes, pH strips, and so on to take the samples. Most importantly, it contains the device or meter to take the readings.

Beneficial Features of Cooling Water Test Kits

These kits are convenient for maintenance engineers at water treatment plants or even some manufacturing units where water is treated before releasing into the environment. They are scientifically designed with the feature to check multiple parameters in just one device. There are many benefits of our water test kits. Here are some of them.

  • Testing the water sample on a number of parameters is extremely essential and an integral part of the process as the required quality must be maintained throughout. Else, it may lead to bacterial and algal growth, scaling, corrosion, and so on which would decrease the efficiency of cooling towers and compromise on accuracy as well.
  • Handy tools, portability, and a compact design are some of the important benefits aside from ease of use and convenience.
  • They can be used for any type of water such as wastewater, marine, water released as a byproduct from manufacturing units, and regular water used for agriculture, domestic consumption, and so on.
  • They are applicable for both open and closed water systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on cooling water test kits along with their answers.

  • What does a cooling water test kit do?

As mentioned, this test kit comprises various reagents required to perform tests on the water sample. They evaluate the quality of water and help maintain the balance and efficiency of the system as corrective actions can be taken based on the output of these tests. These kits can be used to check several parameters such as pH, TDS, metals, chemicals, and more.

  • Why are test kits used to check cooling water chemicals?

These test kits are convenient to use and handy. They can be easily taken onsite to test the water samples. Checking the level and types of chemicals in water is essential as high levels may lead to corrosion of the system and pipes, rusting, and reduce efficiency.

  • How cooling water test kit is used in water treatment system?

It is basically used to check various parameters in water that helps assess the water condition and take corrective actions as required. Here’s how you can use the kit.

  • Once you open the test kit, take out the multimeter, and go through the display menu. Select the parameter you want to test; for instance, pH, chlorine levels, bacterial levels, and so on.
  • Take a pH strip to check pH levels or a reagent such as bromine to check bacterial contamination.
  • Take a test tube or glass bottle provided in the kit.
  • You can check the pH strip color to know the pH value.
  • Check the user manual to know the right level of concentration for the reagent you are using. Take two glass bottles or test tubes, wherein one is for the sample, while the other one is to check the result. Pour the sample water in both the tubes, and the reagent in one of these tubes. Note the color change.
  • The multimeter device can be dipped in the water sample to check parameters such as temperature and more. It would display the value on its screen. Ensure you wash the multimeter electrode with distilled water after every reading.
  • What is the most popular type of cooling water test kits?

Most of these kits are one-stop solution for water testing. However, tests for bacteria, organophosphates, corrosive chemicals, and heavy metals such as iron and magnesium which make the water hard are more common than others.

  • What cooling water test kit do we recommend?

While for general purpose, we recommend all-in-one test kits. However, there are specific kits designed for certain requirements.

  • What is the temperature of cooling water?

Industrial processes raise the water temperature which needs to be cooled. This is done in cooling towers. The processed water from industrial units may have temperatures ranging between 30 and 100 degrees Celsius. This temperature is brought down below 25 degrees, and may be reduced as low as 5 degrees Celsius. This depends on the temperature required for that application.

Our water testing kits are designed based on a variety of requirements in cooling tower maintenance, and this is applicable across industries. At Cannon Water Technology, we have an excellent team that understands your requirements and helps you select the right kit. While we are experts in water treatment solutions and manufacture many related devices, we also source the same from reputed brands. So, you can get to see a variety of brands of cooling water test kits. In case of any relevant questions or requirement sharing, you can reach us via phone or email. Also, we can offer you a quote once we analyze your requirements.