Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps or tubing pumps are one of the most important types of positive displacement pumps, which are regularly used in various industries. These pumps are used for pumping a variety of clean, aggressive, and sterile fluids. Peristaltic pumps are part of applications ranging from transfer of chemicals, to wastewater treatment to pharmaceutical processing.

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Cannon Water is one of the leading providers of peristaltic pumps in the US. All the pumps available from us are sourced from industry leading brands. We supply these pumps throughout the US.

Peristaltic Metering Pump Offerings at Cannon Water Technology

We provide tubing pumps in various specifications, and from the following brands.

  • Stenner: Stenner is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of industrial peristaltic pumps. The pumps are well-known for their reliable, yet simple designs. We can provide adjustable and non-adjustable pumps with low or high pressures.
  • SEKO: SEKO is a leading manufacturer of dosing systems, which are used in warewashing, proportioning, and laundry applications. SEKO peristaltic pumps comply with various international standards such as ISO 9001, 73/23CEE of 19/2/73, 89/336CEE of 3/5/89, and EN60335-1.
  • MEC-O-MATIC: Tubing pumps from MEC-O-MATIC are designed to handle various chemical and slurry metering needs. The pumps are secured within a pump case, which is made from chemical resistant ABS and rugged material. The pumps are used in a variety of applications like cooling towers, laundries, agriculture, warewashing, etc.
  • Chem-Tech: Chem-Tech pumps provide easy dosing, and excellent pump control. These properties make them a popular choice across various industries.
  • Knight Equipment: We provide variable speed metering peristaltic pumps from Knight Equipment. These pumps feature a robust chemical metering system, which provides an array of flow rates, as well as high-performance controls to meet diverse pumping needs.

Benefits of Choosing Peristaltic Dosing Pumps

Peristaltic pumps have a drive system that turns rollers, which compress the tube, creating a vacuum which helps fluid flow through the tube. The pump has only one wetted part – flexible tubing. These additional benefits have contributed to their growing popularity:

  • The pump has a unique design which makes them self-priming, and enables them to handle high viscosity fluids.
  • Fluid only comes in contact with the flexible tubing. This helps create an easy-to-clean, contamination-free system.
  • The flexible tubing is easily replaced which helps to minimize maintenance.
  • Unlike other pumps, these pumps have a low shear and gentle pumping action, which makes them ideal for handling various sensitive fluids.

Features of Peristaltic Pumps

The following are features of peristaltic pumps provided by us:

  • We offer a wide range of branded peristaltic pumps, which can handle pressures up to 8.6 bar (125 PSI). These pumps are capable of handling flow rates from very low micro dosing applications as well as very high outputs for chemical transfer applications.
  • All pumps provide repeatable and accurate flow rates.
  • The pumps enable contamination-free pumping, and are ideal for slurries, sensitive fluids, caustics, and aggressive acids.
  • Most pumps are easy to install, as well as maintain.

We, at Cannon Water Technology, possess vast industry experience and technical expertise, which enables us to improve our product line consistently, and aid our clients in proper equipment selection. You may call for more information or to request a quote. Our experts will be happy to serve you.