Chemical ByPass Feeders

Bypass feeders are called so because their looped pipeline run parallel to main fluid circulation line. Chemical bypass feeders, also known as chemical pot feeders, offer a reliable way of adding chemicals into a closed loop system, to control corrosion, scale and microbial control. Usually, made of carbon steel or stainless stell, they come in various pressure and temperature ranges. They are used to transfer chemicals into systems with hot or cold water apart from other liquids like glycol. Chemical bypass feeders are extremely safe to use and help prevent the internal system and piping from corrosion when proper chemistry is applied. Additionally, these are cost-effective solutions that have been used for years now.

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Cannon Water Technology has its own brand of bypass feeders. Additionally, we supply various other brands of high-quality chemical pot feeders such as by Vector Industries, JL Wingert, Advantage Controls, Neptune, A&F Machine, Pulsafeeder, General Treatment Products and Griswold.  

Types of Chemical Pot Feeders Available at Cannon Water Technology

These feeders can be classified on the basis of their structure and the application:

  • Feeders for Chlorine and Bromine: Usually continuous feeders are used for transferring chlorine or bromine into water on a continuous basis. For instance, chlorination of cooling towers. These feeders have chlorine or bromine tablets and certain erosional chemicals to reduce biological fouling and algae control. They may be made of PVC or Polypropylene, and are easy to use. In this type of biocide feeder, the vessel filled with chemical is connected to the cooling tower basin via the makeup water line or off the spray pump header.
  • Filter Feeders: Most feeders come with separate filter bags or filter cartridges. These are synthetic filters. However, these feeders have a built in filter that is removable for addition of chemicals. Also, you can transfer solid chemicals into closed loop water or any fluid system.
  • Chemical Shot Feeders: In some applications, chemicals need to be transferred in batches and not on a continuous basis. Chemical shot feeders are designed to accommodate and transfer batches of chemicals. In this case the you can add liquid or dry chemical to the shot feeder and slug does it into the system. Perfect for use in closed chill water systems or hot water hydronic heating loops.

Features of Chemical Bypass Feeders

The following are some common features of chemical bypass feeders

  • Most models have a quick closure lid with a Fleck style cap for safety. Optionally we have buttress threaded caps that allow for higher pressure systems.
  • They are constructed from heavy gauge carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel, and hence are robust and durable.
  • Some feeders have a flat bottom with air release and a quick closure lid. Others have a dome bottom or dish bottom tank.
  • All the models are ASME certified.
  • They have a powder coated finish or epoxy coatings that withstand harsh chemicals.
  • They come in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 12 gallon sizes.

Applications of Chemical Bypass Feeders

As mentioned, chemical bypass feeders find applications in all industries, which require fluid transfer at the required speed, pressure, and temperature. This also includes dealing with corrosive fluids. Some of the application industries are:

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & gas
  • Petroleum
  • Water treatment
  • Swimming pools
  • Irrigation systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • HVAC closed loops
  • Chill water systems
  • Hydronic heating water systems

Are you looking for quality-driven pot feeders? If yes, you can contact the experts at Cannon Water Technology, Inc. We are manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality chemical pot feeders with filters as well. We will assist you in choosing the right one to suit your requirement. We also assist with the installation process. For details, you can reach us on phone or email.