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Water in commercial facilities is mainly used for daily consumption and drinking. However, the water from HVAC systems, washrooms, and so on needs to be recycled and purified as well. Commercial facilities comprise commercial buildings which house small and medium offices, institutional buildings, data centers, retail, malls, airports, university campuses, and so on. All of these setups need to have access to clean water as there is a lot of people movement the whole day. Most commercial setups do have water purification systems installed. Cannon Water Technology offers effective and efficient water treatment solutions for commercial buildings and facilities. Our products include cooling and boiler treatment chemicals, filters, tools and devices to check various water parameters, test kits, corrosion inhibitors, and more. This helps eliminate contaminants and pollutants from water, purify and recycle used water, and offers clean water for common use as well as drinking to people who frequently use or visit these commercial facilities. Our solutions are cost effective and low on maintenance, and comply with the required water purification regulations for commercial buildings.

Types of Water Treatment Solutions for Commercial Facilities Offered by Cannon Water

We, at Cannon Water Technology, offer various solutions for commercial facilities water treatment systems. While we manufacture these tools and equipment, we also source some of them from well-known manufacturers. Here the solutions we offer for the commercial facilities industry.

  • Water Filters: These are used prior to reverse osmosis to filter out basic impurities. These are mostly carbon filters in the form of a cartridge. We offer various filter types depending on the requirement such as for drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, and so on. For the latter, centrifugal separators are commonly used.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: The water supply system comprises several pipelines which run long distances, storage tanks, and many connecting junctions. As these pipes become old they may develop cracks or corrode. Also, as water travels through these pipelines, it may carry with it a lot of metals, chemicals, and so on along the way which leads to pipeline damages even when they are designed to be resistant to corrosion. This is especially common when recycling water from washrooms as there are many gases and chemicals released through the water which corrode the pipelines. We offer corrosion inhibiting agents which are mixed in water before the recycling or purification process to prevent damage or corrosion to pipelines
  • UV Disinfection Systems: Passing UV light through water is one of the effective and known ways of water purification. This is especially applicable for wastewater recycling and treatment, and helps remove odor and sanitize the water by killing the germs in it. At times, this is also a part of drinking water purifiers as they have a separate UV filter.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems may be required in some commercial buildings depending on their source of water supply. This is because hard water cannot be used for drinking as well as cleaning or washing chores. We offer reverse osmosis filters of reputed brands such as Myron L. and Watts. They have a semipermeable membrane which filters particulate matter, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, and other contaminants. The removal of heavy metals and chemicals reduces the hardness of water thus making it potable.

Applications of Our Water Treatment Solutions for Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Our commercial facilities water treatment solutions are applicable in these areas:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Drinking water purification
  • Wastewater recycling
  • Safeguarding pipelines and related water supply infrastructure

In case of any further questions regarding our water treatment solutions for commercial facilities, you can contact us via phone or email. Our extremely resourceful and efficient team is capable of answering all your questions, and eager to help you.