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The manufacturing industries are exposed to water-related problems all the time. Increasing demand for freshwater, strict regulations regarding the disposal of industrial wastewater, etc is some of the water-related concerns seen in general manufacturing industries. Commonly, manufacturing industries need to deal with cocking water, black water, industrial sewage, etc. To overcome all these problems, manufacturing industries adopt techniques like recycling and reuse of industrial water. If observed closely, manufacturing process water treatments have gained immense popularity in recent years. This allows industries to recycle and reuse industrial water for secondary applications like cleaning manufacturing facilities, washing equipment, supplying water for HVAC systems, etc. Considering the importance of water treatment in manufacturing industry, Cannon Water Technology, Inc offers various quality water treatment solutions for manufacturing industry.

Water Treatment Solutions for Manufacturing Industry by Cannon Water Technology, Inc

Since manufacturing industries deal with industrial wastewater that may be laden with impurities like oil, metallic particles, chemicals, rust, slurry, and many more. These contaminants can be easily removed using the following types of water treatment solutions offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc.

  • Water Filters: Water filters are the primary equipment used in water treatment in industrial manufacturing industries. Several manufacturing industries deal with powder processing, clay production, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, etc. Therefore, in general, each manufacturing industry consists of different types of contaminants in industrial wastewater. To filter such contaminants, we offer a range of cartridge and backwash filters. In this range, we offer coconut carbon cartridge filters, activated carbon cartridge filters, backwash filters with granulated filtration media, etc. Based on the type of contamination, any of the mentioned water filters can be sourced from Cannon Water Technology, Inc.
  • Centrifugal Separators: Our centrifugal separators are ideal for manufacturing industries that deal with bulky contaminants in the wastewater. The industries dealing with powdered material, metal waste, etc can choose centrifugal separators for easy separation of contaminants. These centrifugal separators are ideal for separating metal chips, sand, slurry, etc from industrial wastewater.
  • Emulsion Breakers: The manufacturing industries deal with several industrial equipment. These equipment are lubricated for smooth operation and therefore oil is one of the contaminants in industrial wastewater. Oil droplets form a layer on the water, therefore separating oil from water is not possible by basic filtration. That is why we offer emulsion breakers or demulsifiers to separate oil from water. This is one of our most demanded water treatment products in manufacturing industry. These chemical solutions separate oil and water so that filtration becomes easy. Our emulsion breakers can be used in the pre-filtration or post-filtration stage.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Industrial wastewater from manufacturing industries contains rust particles and chemical contaminants. Therefore, even after filtration and separation of industrial wastewater, the water may have corroding potential. In order to reuse industrial water, the corrosion potential of water should be reduced. That is why we offer corrosion inhibitors. These chemicals reduce the oxidation potential of water so that it can be used for washing equipment, spray painting, cleaning, etc.

Along with these products, Cannon Water Technology, Inc offers individual water treatment solutions for manufacturing industry such as arsenic water treatment, rust and iron reduction, smelly water treatment, chlorine removal, etc.

To know more about our solutions for water treatment in manufacturing industry, or to get experts advice, please feel free to contact our team.