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Wastewater management is one of the prime concerns for the mining industry. The wastewater released during various mining operations is heavily contaminated with minerals, dirt, fossils, coal, organic matter, etc. The Clean Water Act restricts the discharge of such contaminated wastewater into natural water sources. To avoid this, the wastewater from the mining industry must be processed. Cannon Water Technology, Inc being a provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions offer a variety of water treatment solutions for the mining industry. Implementing these solutions in the mine water treatment plants can resolve several wastewater management issues in the mining industries.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Mining Industry by Cannon Water Technology, Inc

Wastewater treatment for the mining industry is a discipline that involves different water filtration, purification, and sanitization processes. The following are a few water treatment solutions offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc for the mining industry.

  • Water Filters: Filtration is the first step involved in the mining wastewater treatment. Since mine water consists of fine sediments, sand particles, fossils, etc, effective filtration is essential. We offer a wide range of industrial water filters for mine water treatments. Cartridge filters, carbon filters, twist II clean filters, sediment filters, backwash filters, etc are the common types of filters we offer.
  • Centrifugal Separators: Separating water from sand and bulkier contaminants like metal particles, concrete, etc is essential in mining wastewater treatment. To serve this purpose, we offer centrifugal separators from brands like Lakos. These sand separators are effective in removing sand, metal particles, fossil granules, stones, etc from the water by using centrifugal action. These centrifugal separators can be used for dewatering purposes.
  • Demulsifiers: The mining industry deals with different equipment that requires lubrication. Often oily lubricant gets mixed with mining water, which consists of oil residues from the ground. It is essential to remove oil from the wastewater before filtration, as filtration media may clog due to oil droplets. We offer demulsifiers, also known as emulsion breakers to separate layers of oil from the water. Demulsifiers can be used for the viscosity control of the wastewater.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: The mining facilities use various types of equipment such as pumps, fluid transmission pipelines, water tanks, etc. These equipment are prone to scaling and corrosion. Therefore, when the treated wastewater is recirculated for secondary applications like washing and rinsing equipment, the water should not cause corrosion. To prevent corrosion, we offer corrosion inhibitors that are mixed with water before recycling.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis (RO) is an effective forced-filtration technique for mining water treatments. We offer high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) filters that allow efficient filtration to remove dissolved contaminants, organic matter, chemicals, dissolved minerals, and bacterial contamination to some extent.

Benefits of Water Treatment Solutions for Mining Industry

The benefits of using Cannon Water Technology, Inc’s solutions for wastewater treatment for the mining industry are listed below.

  • The mining industry suffers from hazards of toxification through wastewater. Implementing the solutions for mining water treatments result in the reduction of toxic contamination from mining water.
  • Our mining wastewater treatment solutions are suitable for treating the water for recycling or discharge. In both cases, our products offer optimum filtration and purification of mine water which ensures safety on reuse or discharge of water.
  • Our products for mine water treatments can be used in combination. The products can be chosen based on the type of contamination to be removed and its intensity.
  • Most of our solutions are result-oriented therefore, you can find the products based on the expected results during the water treatment in mining industry.

We focus on client’s requirements and our experts offer guidance while purchasing the products for mining water treatment. In case you need assistance before purchase or need some additional information about our water treatment solutions for the mining industry, please feel free to contact our team today.