Properly specified pumps and filtration equipment are an essential part of any fluid processing application. They not only impact the operation’s bottom line but also optimize your processes and procedures. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer an assortment of chemical pumps and filtration equipment of top-rated brands. The products we offer are more reliable and can be put to use in demanding industrial environments. Leveraging our years of industrial experience, we strive to offer our customers from various industries the best solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Featured Brands at Cannon Water

We stock equipment from leading manufacturers who are experts in providing affordable, working solution for your special pumping and filtration applications. We respond flexibly to extreme requirements by providing you the products from leading brands as follow:

  • Lakos: The Company is at the forefront in providing innovative and reliable filtration solutions for applications in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Lakos is committed to resolve customers' complex water filtration problems, and thus contribute to maintaining your equipment and process design efficiency
  • Myron L Company: The Company develops and manufactures hand-held and process control water testing instruments and other conductivity and pH instrumentation for municipal, commercial and industrial water quality control applications. Their products are being used by professionals worldwide in a variety of applications owing to their durability, simplicity in operation and optimum performance.
  • Pulsafeeder: The industry-leading manufacturer of metering pumps, external gear pumps and custom systems, among others. Pulsafeeder products are known for their rugged construction, dependable performance, which make them a reliable choice for endless applications and markets.
  • Stenner Pumps: When your requirement calls for peristaltic metering pumps, tank systems, meter systems and accessories, count on the expertise of Stenner Pumps. Their products are largely sought-after for municipal applications, cooling towers, car washes and pools, among several others. The time-tested products from Stenner are made for the customer specific applications for disinfection, pH adjustment, iron stain removal, scale control and more.
  • Knight Equipment: The Company specializes in providing the most comprehensive line of chemical control systems that are manufactured in compliance to an uncompromising standard of quality. Their innovative chemical delivery systems include Warewash Chemical Dispensers, Laundry Chemical Dispensers, Proportioning Systems, Dishwashing Machines, and much more.
  • Walchem: With a wide range of - analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps, Walchem brings you reliable and innovative solutions to the global water treatment market. Their range of controllers, sensors, metering pumps are designed for a broad range of applications across industries.
  • Aquatel: The Company offers a broad line of wireless level monitors, wireless pump controllers, booster antenna kits and antennas. These user friendly, powerful fluid management solutions are designed to offer superb performance and reliability when used for critical operations in agricultural, industrial automation, oil and gas, among others.
  • LMI: The leading manufacturer of metering pumps and equipment that are designed for customer specific applications for a wide range of industries and applications. Their rugged, reliable and cost-effective products are the most common and well-established pumps on the market. LMI pumps are largely procured for applications in water & wastewater treatment, chemical, food & dairy, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, energy management, power and irrigation industries.
  • Neptune: Neptune is the brand you can trust to procure chemical metering pumps, chemical feed systems and chemical injection accessories. Neptune can meet the customized requirements of the customers from the power generation, oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, and irrigation markets. Neptune’s world-class metering pump solutions are comply with major international quality standards.
  • Beta Technology: Your trusted source for state-of-the-art chemical dosing systems that are equipped with all the features and properties for demanding applications. Their products are extensively being used for commercial ware washing, laundry, and janitorial applications and more.
  • Seametrics: Your go-to source for rugged and affordable flow meters and environmental sensors. The company is committed to providing high quality range of flow meters for various potable water, chemical, and waste water applications. They guarantee long service life even in demanding industrial environments.

Other Premium Brands Offered at Cannon Water

The list of featured brands is not limited to the ones aforementioned. We also source products from other leading brands such as;

  • Aceto
  • Advantage Control
  • Amsa Inc
  • APG
  • ASCO
  • Atlantc Water Technologies
  • Bioline
  • Blue-White Industries
  • Chemilizer
  • Douglas Products
  • Flowline
  • GF Signet
  • Gizmo
  • GTP
  • HM Digital
  • INCA Gold Products
  • Jesco
  • Koflo
  • Lakewood Instruments
  • Laval Underground Surveys
  • Parker
  • Pyxis
  • Remote Control Technologies
  • Sensafe
  • Sentinel
  • Vector Industries
  • Watts
  • Sensorex

Our experience and expertise, combined with our wide product range of top rated brands, make us one of the most reliable pump and filtration equipment providers in the market. At Cannon Water Technology, we help customers to select the pumps that rightly suit their applications. With the largest selection of the highest quality and most reliable brands on the market, we provide a clear solution to all your liquid handling needs. Shop with peace of mind at Cannon Water and get the right solution to handle critical, environmentally hazardous, toxic, or flammable fluids.