Acid Neutralization System

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Many industrial processes generate toxic byproducts, which, if released directly into the environment, may cause severe harm to water bodies and humans. If these byproducts are toxic, then they may even lead to corrosion of pipe and tubing, warranting quick replacements and repairs. Thus, to avoid all these consequences, the toxic waste is neutralized using specially designed waste acid neutralizers before discharging into sanitary sewers or drains in the facility. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide high-quality acid neutralization systems for industrial use. Our acid waste neutralization systems are sourced from industry-leading brands and have been successfully implemented in various process and wastewater treatment plants across the country.

How does an acid neutralization system work?

Acid neutralization systems are designed to reduce the harmfulness of toxic waste produced by industries. These systems use chemicals to neutralize the acidity and alkalinity of industrial waste. The pH value of toxic waste is checked before neutralizing. A neutral pH value is always 7, whereas an acid pH value ranges from 0 to 6.99, and a base value range from 7.01 to 14. The chemical process in acid waste neutralization systems begins with the reaction of chemicals like magnesium carbonate and calcium with the acidic waste. A pH value ranging between 6.0 – 8.0 is acceptable for treated waste. After balancing the pH value, the waste is released into nearby public sewer systems and drains. Therefore, managing the pH value or acidity of the industrial waste helps contribute to a healthy environment.

Features of Our Acid Neutralization Systems

Our waste acid neutralizers have been in demand due to the following reasons:

  • Our acid handling systems are fully automatic and do not require any special attention. It performs all the tasks from neutralizing to releasing the waste in a completely automatic mode.
  • Acid waste neutralization systems are available in different sizes up to 500 gpm. This allows you to install the system according to your industrial requirements.
  • These systems are suited for both outdoor and indoor applications.
  • The systems feature system alarms that inform users of low and high pH values, high and overflowing tank levels, leakages, and so on. 
  • Our systems are designed using robust materials, which assure their lasting performance in challenging work environments.

Applications of Acid Neutralization Handling Systems

Acid neutralization is a requisite in many industrial and commercial facilities. We have been serving clients across industries for several years now. We count the following among our clients.

  • University laboratories
  • Middle school & high school laboratories
  • Industrial labs
  • Medical facilities
  • Battery storage rooms
  • Paper manufacturing facilities and mills

At Cannon Water Technology, we strive to serve you the best so that you can effectively perform your business operations with minimal harm to the environment. Our selection features the acid or chemical neutralization systems that are tested and proven to perform for several years without fail. If you have any queries regarding these systems or any other water and wastewater treatment systems, then please feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to assist you.