Twist II Clean Filters and Parts

Twist II Clean Filters and Parts

Twist II Clean inline sediment filters are designed to remove sand, sediments, and organics from water systems. These systems can be used for a broad range of residential filtering applications. Dedicated to promoting advanced water filtering processes and technologies, Cannon Water Technology, Inc. has built a long list of happy and satisfied clients by supplying Twist II Clean systems. We are well-known for quick turnaround times and competitive prices on all products.

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Beneficial Features of Twist II Clean Inline Water Filters

The following features of the water filters make them popular among the clients seeking them for residential filtering purposes:

  • The equipment is fitted with an easy-to-use 1/4 -twist top handle, which is twisted to clean the debris in the water.
  • The filter is equipped with a large stainless steel screen, which is twice in size than other spin-down filters. Stainless steel construction lends robustness and long life to these screens. Also, the larger sized screen doubles filtering capacity, and requires less routine maintenance.
  • Filters are color-coded by the screen mesh for easy identification.
  • Unlike traditional filters, these filters are powered with a patented reverse-flushing action. This technology not only ensures efficient cleaning, but also helps avoid clogging. The filter cleans debris and settlements in less than 10 seconds.
  • The Twist II Clean can be easily maintained by the user, because it requires no disassembly to clean, or tools for maintenance. Also, no water system is required for flushing or cleaning.
  • Rugged construction of the filter makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, and the glass filled polypropylene body offers excellent UV resistance.
  • There is a convenient see-through bowl fitted to the filter, which offers easy visibility of the interior contents. Also, available is an easy-to-use sunshield, which inhibits the growth of algae on the screen.
  • The filter cartridge is reusable, which helps minimize the filtering costs.

In short, the Twist II Clean filter means no leaks, no mess, no cartridges and no tools.

Applications of Twist II Clean Inline Water Filters

The filters are used in the following applications:

  • Water well systems - inside out
  • Misting systems and animal feed water systems
  • Commercial and residential plumbing systems
  • Landscape irrigation

At Cannon Water Technology, Inc., we enable clients to select from various models of the Twist II Clean water filters, as well as installation and gauge kits. If you are unsure about the right selection, our experts will help you. Are you planning to invest in efficient water filtering systems for your home, or office? Request a quote today. We assure quick response on all customer queries.